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The Ordinary Products You Need in Your Life

From the Brand That Sells More Than One Product Every Second!

By SotiraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

That’s exactly what DECIEM were doing as of 2018. Branded ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company, Canadian born DECIEM was born in 2013. After a wealth of interest in its umbrella brands, they went on to launch The Ordinary in 2016.

About the Brand

Founder Brandon Truaxe made his mission clear; Science and transparency. Ensuring consumers were not being robbed blind by products that did not work or were fiercely overpriced, which is exactly what he did.

DECIEM was brought by Estee Lauder in 2017, who now owns 76% of the brand.

Their Products

As for The Ordinary’s products, with an average price of £6, the range has grown considerably in the past 6 years.

The brand caught my attention back in 2017, with Victoria Health being the only UK stockist. The branding was sharp, almost clinical. The products were simply named as per their main ingredient or in a lot of cases, the only ingredient. It was unlike any other skincare brand on the market at the time.

The products worked great for my sensitive acne-prone skin and are still very current in today’s market.

Having tried 90% of their range there are some superstar products that everyone should try. They will work on a range of skin concerns, types, ages etc. Here are some of the products I’d highly recommend

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

A study I read showed that acne-suffered were amongst those with significantly low levels of zinc. I never thought it would come in a topical form. Having had great success on the supplements, I was sold.

Niacinamide on the other hand was fairly new to me back in 2017. A form of B3, Niacinamide is a powerful anti-inflammatory that significantly calms the skin and works on the skin’s barrier.

The zinc heals the skin and encourages collagen which makes this great for acne-sufferers as well as those with ageing concerns, or both.

I use this AM and PM as required, especially at times when my skin is in need of extra TLC.

Lactic Acid 10%

“The body makes lactic acid when it is low in the oxygen it needs to convert glucose into energy”. Topical Lactic Acids are derived from milk. Vegan options are fermented sugar-rich foods.

Part of the AHA family, Lactic Acid helps speed up the skins cell turnover, in turn helping to fade hyperpigmentation.

I often pick this up over my retinol products, it’s that effective when it comes to fading scars and brightening the skin. I did try the 5% and immediately realised I wasn’t getting the same results as the 10%. If you’re new to AHAs I’d recommend trying the 5% first and building up to the 10%.

I use this after toning as part of my nighttime routine. I give it a few minutes before moisturising. Lactic Acid is a great starting point and I prefer it over the popular Glycolic Acid.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

With a blood-red appearance, “this peeling solution unites AHAs and BHAs to offer deep exfoliation and help battle blemishes for improved skin radiance”- and it does just that. My skin feels baby smooth after use. I find it to be easy, quick and efficient.

A word of warning, if you’re new to acids this has 30%+ between both Hydroxy Acids so do not leave it on for longer than instructed. I would start at 4–5 minutes every other week and build your way up to 10! You will see a difference if you’re consistent with this!

Another great DECIEM product.

100% Organic Virgin Chia Seed Oil

This is probably one of the most underrated and least spoken about products by The Ordinary. In pure oil form, it can be used on the hair or skin! It’s super-rich in fatty acids, great for anti-ageing, dryness, blemishes; you name it.

If you’d like an in-depth low-down, I have actually written a whole review on it which I will post soon.

There are many more products from The Ordinary that I am yet to try. They’re inexpensive and there’s something for everyone; whether it be a serum, oil or even their foundation. I’d highly recommend checking their products out.


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