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The gold balloon

Funday football team celebrates their team’s youngest member’s birthday. A delightful party full of fun!

By SabrinaPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

"The cotton candy tastes awesome "Logamithran told Kim as he gobbled the final tiny pink sugary treat."We shall move on to the dance floor "said Harry while the rhythmic music blared through the blinking lights.

Maddy ,their pet dog chased a big balloon and tried to hold between its jaw.The balloon floated away without any damage-"Oh,please don't let the pets to the party hall kids,they are driving us crazy "

shouted Arun's mother holding a huge basket full of candies to organise a game for the kids as she walked away from the hall.

"Just two minutes left to finish the dance floor "said an elderly man who stood near the lights switch wearing a spiderman mask.

Some kids were already exhausted dancing their best.Little Tommy just stood up and watched others in rapt attention making little jumps and twirls responding to music.The music stopped when the cake arrived.

The big spherical football cake appeared on the table,no one noticed who brought it as the cake was too good to be a cake.The gold burst balloons were pricked and there was more noise that resembled a birthday song .Children nestled near the cake to repeat the birthday song together,waited to hand their gifts to Logoo who smiled happily to receive too many gifts on his much awaited birthday party.

Aditya rushed into the party hall hastily as he thought he was a bit late,he laid his gift on the table and waited for the games to begin.He saw Logamithran busy arranging for the game .

The game is seeking the hidden candies all over the house including the garden,terrace and portico.The game began with a stroke of a golden balloon bursting by the Spider-Man.

The children started searching the hall ,under the tables and behind the curtains.No candies.They ran around the garden ,yet no !

"It's not that easy,it's a big place,may be you have to run around a lot" said Tommy's mother ."The kids are running around too hard, not a single candy yet"complained Adi's mother . "The terrace is big enough for us to run around yet we can't play football here,Oh,I can't find any candy here ,I give up"said Sidhu a footballer from seventh grade after a thorough search at the terrace.

Not a single candy yet, tired Logoo sat down next to hHarsh wondering how could the candies be hidden so well.

candies disappeared, candies magically gone!

."The candies are so small and that's why we can't find them"agreed Kim.All of them gave up searching and returned one by one to the party hall.

Kim ,Harry and Max aged five,four and seven are from Poland are good at juggling to amuse everyone.They were too tired now and awaited that some older kids would find the hidden candies.To their curiosity Maddy picked a huge gift wrapper and brought near the them,there wasn't anything but a cake knife and a spoon with a sharp handle,still no candies found.Curious little Tommy took the cake knife that had some cake on it.

Aditya remembered suddenly that he left the gift on the table quickly got up and ran too fast towards the the table slipped on a tiny piece of cake on the floor and lost balance badly to tumble upon little Tommy who threw the spoon in his hand above that hit the gold burst balloon hanging on the ceiling.To everyone's surprise the balloon burst and there was a rain of chocolates for a short moment that made everyone shout in excitement.At last they found the candies,little did their happiness disappear even though they gave up the search left home happily with return gifts.


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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred5 days ago

    Great story and we're featuring it in the Vocal Social Society Community Adventure on Facebook

  • Hey, just wanna let you know that this is more suitable to be posted in the Fiction community 😊

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