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The Best Hairstyles and Accessories For Rectangle Faces

Choose these hairstyles and accessories to flatter the features of your rectangle-shaped face.

By Aria WhitePublished about a year ago 3 min read

Did you know that everyone has a different shape to their face? There are six face shapes - oval, rectangle, round, square, heart, and diamond. With an accurate analysis, you can figure out what the shape of your face is.

Why would you want to know your face shape?

Because there are certain hairstyles and accessories that look best with each face shape. If you want to bring out the best version of yourself, you're in the right place. This article details the features of a rectangle-shaped face.

Think you have a rectangle face shape? First, read the Vocal article, "How to Determine Your Face Shape" for the three steps you can take to know for sure.

Once you have determined that your face shape is rectangle, read on to learn which hairstyles and accessories are most flattering. Below you can review the traits of a rectangle face shape.

Hairstyles For Rectangle Faces

With a long, rectangle face, it's important to keep your hair shoulder-length or shorter, as long hair only makes your face appear longer. If you want a hairstyle that goes below the shoulders, bangs and layers are great options because they help to shorten the appearance of your face and add width and dimension.

However, shorter is better with a rectangle face shape, especially styles that add volume around the cheeks. If your hair is naturally curly, you can create an illusion of more width as well, since curly hair is usually more voluminous in nature.

Glasses For Rectangle Faces

With a rectangle face, you'll look best in oversized, oval, curvy, round-edged frames. Select frames with strong horizontal features but with rounded edges to soften the face’s angular features. Avoid small and narrow frames as these will exaggerate the length of the face.

Also, avoid styles that are top or bottom-heavy, as this draws attention to the length of the face, and doesn't create a more balanced look.

Hats For Rectangle Faces

If you have a rectangle face shape, a beanie at the top of your hairline is not very flattering because it exposes your entire face and elongates it. Instead, go for hats that create width rather than length.

For example, a floppy hat with a deep crown will create a horizontal angle to your face, making it look less elongated. Hats that hit across your forehead, such as a beret, also reduce the length of your face.

Jewelry For Rectangle Faces

A rectangle face is long and slender, with a wide jawline and broad chin. You want to choose earrings and necklaces that minimize the length of your face and soften your features. Choker-style necklaces and stud earrings are great because they don't add additional length.

Avoid styles with hard/geometric edges and ones that dangle or hang low, as they will elongate your face. Instead, opt for circular or round-shaped jewelry with soft edges.

Rectangle Face Shape Review

With a rectangle face shape, the goal is to soften and widen. Hairstyles should be short and sweet, and jewelry should be simple and not too long.

Glasses that are circular and gently rounded look best, and hats shouldn't sit too far back on your head. Anything that covers the forehead will help create a wider appearance

Determine Your Season

Want to really bring out your best features? Read "How to Determine Your Season" to learn which colors best complement your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Then incorporate those tones into the jewelry and other accessories that you choose.

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