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Suggest women: when you get home at night, don't leave behind these four things, your skin will get younger and younger.

by jasonbmedi Khf 3 months ago in face
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Little knowledge of skin care

Women pay more attention to skin care, and women who often take care of their skin usually look much younger than their peers when they are about 40 years old.

During the whole day, most people have more time after work in the evening, which is also the time when skin care products work better.

Because when we sleep, our skin will get better rest, and the nutrients in skin care products will better enter the depths of the skin at this time. So suggest women: when you get home at night, don't be lazy about these four things, your skin will get younger and younger.

First thing: remove makeup with makeup remover products

Many girls do not realize the harm of makeup products to our skin and always wear makeup blindly, but ignore the importance of removing makeup. If the makeup products are not clean on the face, they will clog the pores and cause blackheads and pimples. Cosmetic products contain a variety of chemicals, which can also harm the health of our skin, resulting in dull, dull and allergic skin.

Therefore, removing makeup with professional makeup remover products is a thing that can't be left behind when you get home at night. Among the many kinds of makeup remover, makeup remover oil is more suitable for most girls, it is mild and non-irritating, and makeup remover is strong, suitable for all skin to use.

The second thing: wash your face carefully

The skin on the face is exposed for the longest time on the outside, and this part of the skin is what all girls want to protect carefully. People with good skin usually don't look low, so when you get home at night, no matter how hasty the time is, don't forget to wash your face carefully.

Remove makeup only to remove makeup products, can not clean the dirt on the skin and dirt in the pores, at this time you need to choose a cleanser suitable for you, do not wash your face for less than two minutes, gently circle your face with your finger belly, and then rinse with clean water. This step may seem ordinary, but it plays an important role in our skin.

The third thing: apply facial mask frequently

There are many ways to make the skin better and better, and there are many ways to get younger and younger. Going to a beauty salon is an effective way to see with the naked eye, but the price of the beauty salon is too expensive for many people to afford. In fact, facial mask is the most basic skin care method in a beauty salon.

The mask contains a variety of nutrients, especially the patch-type mask can seal the skin in the mask paper for about 15 minutes, allowing the skin to absorb the essence and nutrition inside the mask, which can quickly moisturize and increase the water content of the skin. If you can stick to the mask, you can keep the skin tender all the time, and you will naturally become younger and younger.

The fourth thing: basic skin care

Girls who understand the importance of skin care products will do a series of exquisite skin care work at night, but many people think that skin care products are useless and always ignore them. But girls of any age and skin are advised not to fall behind this step at night. When we were young, our skin was tender and smooth and full of collagen.

But if you don't wear skin care products for a long time, when you reach the age of maturity, your skin will look much older than your peers. Therefore, no matter how lazy you are, you should adhere to the basic skin care, such as toner, lotion, essence and face cream, which are all essential products in basic skin care products. Only by persisting in use can you keep the skin in a relatively young state.


If you want your skin to get better and better and stay relatively young, you have to do more than the above four things when you get home at night. Everyone's skin care habits and preferences are different. Do you have any good skin care suggestions to share with you?


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