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Still wearing earthy and vulgar "silk stockings" to master these points, seconds to become high-end foreign style

Little knowledge of skin care

By jasonbmedi KhfPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Each season has its own clothes, but it can be seen in multiple seasons at any time.

It can not only easily improve a woman's temperament and charm, but also become a must-kill skill in your pursuit of fashion. It is "silk stockings"!

But with a little carelessness, it will be easy to wear the sense of dirt and village, because this is a kind of finishing touch, for some girls with slender legs.

In daily life, the most common classification of silk stockings is white silk and black silk, white silk stockings belong to a relatively pure style.

As the name implies, wearing thin legs is sexy, while wearing thick legs will be the "scene of disaster".

Will not be very bloated legs, become more bloated, in fact, this kind of white silk application is not suitable for daily street, poor matching will show rustic style.

The second is the black silk, which is known as the "sexy hot girl style". In fact, this kind of black silk used to be a professional fashion item, but now it has changed its taste.

Speaking of this, perhaps many girls think that black silk looks thinner than white silk, in fact, black silk and white silk do not belong to the daily wear items.

And not suitable for elderly women, but many people always want to challenge, black silk cotton pants in winter, white silk stockings in spring and summer, it is easy to step on thunder!

Today, Xiao'ao is here to teach you how to wear silk stockings correctly to avoid significant minefields.

First, match the right shoes

If you want to look thin while wearing silk stockings, you first need to choose a pair of high heels with silk stockings.

1 stockings + Martin boots

For example, if it is suitable to wear boots in winter, you can match a pair of EVERAU hollowed-out Martin boots in spring and summer.

To be more breathable than ordinary boots, it can not only achieve the effect of showing thinness and long legs, but also make silk stockings more advanced and fashionable.

Even flesh color can be easily controlled, small area of skin exposure, not only beautiful but also generous, but also can achieve the effect of fashionable cover meat.

Second, find fashionable items with black silk and boldly show your charm

In fact, silk stockings were invented in the 16th century, and the name at that time was known as "conjoined socks". It was a necessary item for upper-class men at that time, and white was their basic style. at that time, many men were obsessed with and crazily pursued colored silk stockings. it was praised as the most standard fashion male aristocrat at that time.

Even became a luxury at that time, gradually evolved into women began to wear, from which we can come to the idea that when matching silk stockings, we can use neutral items to match.

1 suit jacket

For example, a suit is a very neutral item, used to match black silk, soft and sexy, and then with high heels or Martin boots, it is very eye-catching.

This kind of dress is very suitable for attending a party or Party, and the rate of turning around is absolutely amazing.

2 white coat + leather skirt

The color of black silk is darker, so when matching clothes, try not to choose individual items that are too gaudy, choose some basic jackets and leather skirts, a small area exposed black silk, there will be a kind of gentle and sexy sister taste, no matter how fashionable.

Thus it can be seen that in daily life, wearing skills is very important, as long as you master it well, you can easily resolve all embarrassing clothes, which can not only bring you fashionable results, but also do not affect your temperament and charm.


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