Secrets From A Hairstylist

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How to create a perfect hairstyle.

Secrets From A Hairstylist

Not too long ago, when I was training to become a hairstylist, I was shown several tricks to make a flawless hairstyle. I was surprised how simple these non-widely known tips are and what a difference it makes in the quality of my hairstyle's appearance.

1. Know what you want the hairstyle to look like. Keep in mind the type of hair you are working on. You may need to make some adjustments because not all hairstyles work exactly the same for all hair types.

2. Section your hair. Use a tail comb to help you section. See where the natural hairline is, try not to disrupt it too much. Know where each strand of hair will go on the head.

3. Keep hair neat and tidy. Hair should be tangle free the whole time you are working on it. You should be able to see each section clearly. Keep whatever hair that you are not yet working on out of the way. Make sure a hairbrush and some easy to use hair-clips are at hand.

4. Start working on your hairstyle from the bottom of the head. A house is built from the bottom up, otherwise it will collapse. If you are curling your hair, section your hair so that you can easily curl the bottom layer of hair first.

5. Polish, polish and more polish! Before you officially clip or tie a hair section to your scalp, make sure that it is looking just the way you want it to look. Use your fingers to smooth out that section, the natural oils from your hands will help the fibers of the hair stick together, therefore making it look neater.

6. Make sure you properly use hair clips and bobby pins. When you are officially pinning in hair sections, make sure that the bobby pin is right against the scalp. Never pin a bobby pin right on top of the head or on loose hair, this will cause the section to be insecure and the person will become uncomfortable and get a headache from that slacked section which would barely hold on to their head. When you can, pin hair onto other bobby pins which you already placed on the head. using a second bobby pin creates an "x" shape. Make sure that the clip is facing up not down, because then the clip becomes useless and does not hold the hair in place. Work smarter not harder, if you tie a section of the hair and want to clip it somewhere, do not attempt to puncture that poor bobby pin through the hair tie, but instead pin it right beside the hair tie.

7. Don't forget the hairspray! If you are doing a quick photo-shoot and it will take less than an hour then you don't need it. However, if you will be out for a while add a bit of hairspray, but not too much because you do not want your hair to look like a plastic doll's.

8. You can only make clips in the hair less noticeable, you can never fully hide them. Use accessories in the hair to hide clips and add a bit of "ooh lala"

Lastly keep in mind that whatever hairstyle you turn out with, it is your masterpiece and you should be proud of it!

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Em Em
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