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By shanta matthewsPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

All the year round spring, summer, autumn and winter, the wheels of the years on the road of the four seasons slowly rolled over, leaving a deep shallow trace. Next, let me talk about the four seasons in the countryside. Spring, is flowers in full bloom, is also the season of all things recovery. As long as you go into the countryside, you will see a piece of colorful red. Flowers, red win fire, orange win Xia, white win snow. On the hillside, a red, a green, a yellow, a pink. In the fields, in the meadows, there were many tinkling streams running down the hills. There are many trees beside the stream, the trees are full of flowers, and some trees seem to have not breathed, bare, in short, no matter what trees beside the stream, like guards to protect the stream. Summer, is a green, but also the harvest season. As long as you go into the countryside, you are sure to see large green leaves. On the hillside, green grass cascaded down like a waterfall. In the orchard, strings of lychee and longan hang like gemstones in the jasper - like fruit forest. Farmer uncle can be happy, a basket of fruit shipped out. Autumn, is the harvest fruit, is also a golden season. As long as you walk into the countryside, will see large tracts of golden rice fields, wheat all plump and fat, farmer uncle busy not also happy call. Orchard, all kinds of fruits are long ripe, there are oranges, apples, peaches, cantaloupe, and oranges, persimmon hanging on the branches, the branches are bent. Some fruit has not been picked by farmers uncle, threw into the embrace of the earth mother, showed a look of unhappiness, as if to say: "Why don't you pick me early? "Winter, is a piece of snow, but also the animals hibernate season. As long as you walk into the countryside, see a white, branches, eaves covered with snow, the earth mother also put on a new suit. Oh, the country seasons are always so beautiful!One weekend, my parents and I went to the Galaxy Park to play. To the park, ah! The air here is fresh, the environment is beautiful, and everywhere is clean. There is a lake in the park with a bridge across it. A tall steeple rises into the sky. Look! The white clouds are waving at it! A piece of green lawn, grass on the lawn straight body, flowers bloom a beautiful smiling face, green trees spread lush branches, birds singing happily in the tree. People paddled in the lake and laughed. It's picturesque and inviting." Mom, go play over there! " That said, I pulled my mother's hand to the gazebo ran in the past. In the summerhouse there are old people sitting on the bench talking and laughing, there are children playing; There are young people staring at the distant landscape, more in the bench on the quiet painting painters. My mother and I idle after a circle, to the place where many stones gathered. These stones are submerged in water, but they are stable to sit on, and a good natural place. My mother and I walk tired, on the stone to rest. My mother and I took out their own fruit to eat. My mother told me to put the fruit peels in plastic bags and then put them together in the trash can. At this time, an adult riding a bicycle whistling past us, casually threw a candy paper on the ground. I stared angrily at his receding back, but ran to pick it up and put it in our plastic bag. At this time, my "mood also a heavy up, asked my mother:" that person really don't care for the environment, what a beautiful park ah, casually throw garbage. Mom, I like to come to the park, the environment here is very good air, but in our city why there are less and less places like this!"


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