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One of the signs that a person's mind is beginning to mature is to know that there is no reason for something.

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Reader: good teacher, I have one last question. I have been wondering, but I just don't know how to explain it. For example, a lack of spirit like me should be born. My mother said that when I was a baby, I slept so flat that my head was very flat. When I was a child, I was thin at the beginning of school, and became refreshed as soon as I had a winter and summer vacation.

It is born to correspond to the orientation of the sun and moon stars at that moment. The question is how the sun and moon stars at that moment affect our destiny.

Me: fooled by fate. Taoism calls the change of energy in the starry universe as the creation field of the black sky. The black sky is space. At the moment of birth, the position of celestial bodies in the universe and the change of energy have a fixed range, so human energy is doomed. Arrangement is the formation, different formation, there are different potential energy, that is, fengshui aura. But this is acquired, and practice can change that.

Reader: you don't seem to have any articles about this. Li Jinbo's "between breath" mentioned that this is called "Xuanyang creation Field". Yes, teacher, that's what I want to ask. I've been thinking. I have to know better and ask you questions, otherwise I don't know how to express my question.

Teacher, even if I feel that I am not divine enough, I am also quite wronged. This is a matter of being fooled by fate, but in the eyes of people around my parents, this is a question of not making progress, not striving for strength, and so on.

Me: no longer need to find the reason, fate has no reason, fate is the whole reason, is the combination of all factors. Taoists call this the law of causality of natural holography.

It's a chat transcript. As one of the signs of maturity, you begin to know that not everything has a reason. You begin to realize that finding the cause is sometimes futile and has no effect other than wasting your energy. Why does the universe exist, why do all things exist, why do you exist, is there a reason for your inexplicable annoyance, an irrelevant idea that you inadvertently arise, do you know what the reason is?

There are a lot of things, for a reason. But there are some, for no reason. Being and nothing exist at the same time. The reason is only a cognition of the mind, but the mind is limited, cognition is limited. What can be recognized is limited, and what is infinite can only be ignorance. The cognition of the mind can find some reasons, but there are also many reasons that can not be found. To understand this, to know that there is no reason for something, and to accept this reason for no reason is one of the signs that people's minds are beginning to mature.

If you know that there is no reason for what you will do, you have a reasonable way to accept it calmly, you will stop thinking about it, you will not rely too much on your brain, you will not dwell on what happened in the past, you will begin to focus on your present, and you will live every day with your heart.

Finding the reason is a game of the mind. The mind is only a small part of the body, the rest of your body, never look for the cause, do not care about the reason, it only truthfully reflects its own state of existence. That's right, really good people, don't care why. There is no need to explain the tough life. Whatever you are, whatever you are, can't affect me. No matter what the meaning of life is, no matter why it is alive, I just live happily. This article was originally launched by the body self-repair researchers, the official account of Wechat with the same name!

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