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Natural Ways to Treat Acne

6 Ways to Treat Acne the Natural Way

By Toki BunnyPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

Acne itself is caused by pores becoming clogged with sebum, the oil that is created by your sebaceous glands. Once the pores are clogged it allows a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes which your white blood cells attack, causing inflammation and acne. There are many different medications and treatments used in the treatment of acne. Here are six natural treatments I have tried and have worked.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains multiple types of acid that will dry out the excess oils in the skin and fight the bacteria. This leads to less inflammation and will help in the prevention of scarring.

To use apple cider vinegar in your skincare routine you MUST dilute it or it may cause skin irritation or even chemical burns. A safe way to use it is to use one part ACV and three parts water.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is used in many remedies for the skin due to its ability to dry oil while fighting bacteria and unclogging your pores. It is easy to find in soaps at most stores as well as online.

To use the oil you will need to dilute it with water as it is strong like many essential oils. It may cause dryness or open you up to sun damage.

Green Tea

Green tea is different to most treatments as it is one that you just drink to help clear up your skin. It fights inflammation and helps your body get back into balance.

To use green tea you may use it as a drink or you can use it mixed with raw honey as a mask.


Honey is a great acne treatment as it is known to kill bacteria and is a great moisturizer. Raw honey if used as a mask; you must use raw honey due to the processing of it getting rid of the antibacterial properties.

The best way to use it as a mask would be to whip it and use it as a spot treatment that you wash off after ten to 15 minutes.

Exfoliate daily.

By exfoliating your skin daily you are clearing off the dead skin and getting the excess oils, stopping acne before it starts appearing.

There is no best way to exfoliate, though I would recommend a scrub that also contains soap safe to wash your face with.

Reduce stress.

Stress causes your glands to begin to go into overdrive and create more sebum than usual, resulting in acne break outs. Reducing stress in your life will help cut down on sebum created, resulting in less acne and a less oily complexion.

These six ways to treat acne work on any part of the body. They have all been used by myself and I've seen results.

They are all safe and effective but just as a reminder as with every skincare product or treatment: REMEMBER TO TEST IT ON A SMALL PATCH OF SKIN BEFORE USE ON A LARGE PART OF THE BODY.


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