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My skin care routine throughout the years

by Arson 14 days ago in face

my skin journey

My skin care routine throughout the years
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I remember waking up one day when I was eleven years old, and looking at myself in the mirror; I saw something I had never seen before up until that moment: a pimple. It was big, red, and irritated. It was on the right side of my nose. I was glad that my classes covered it up. I felt so embarrassed to have a pimple, I thought, “ I wash my face, why do I have a pimple?”. I was thinking back to trace what exactly I was using on my face and I had an eureka moment, I used an anti-blemish treatment with light exfoliating properties. It came in a white bottle.It was a pleasurable experience to use it, but I don’t think I had any blemishes back then, if anything, I could use something like that right now. I didn’t have much contact with people who had pimples. The only person I knew who did was a close family member. Over the next couple of days, my pimple matured. It got even bigger and angrier the next day, the following day it stabilized, and eventually a white covering was over my pimple ( I later learned it was puss), and it acted like a crusty layer over my pimple, then it started getting smaller and smaller as the days went by, until it was reduced to nothing more than a acne scar that I still rock to this day. Around this time was also when my dad bought me my first ever skin care product. When I was 11 I remember being very intrigued and interested by makeup but not skincare at this particular moment. My dad came home with an acne scrub that supposedly fought stubborn acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and preventing all that stuff. I was so stoked about it,( though I didn't use it everyday because I was lazy and now that I reflect back on it, it was probably for the better ) and I would use it about two or three times a week. Youtube was very different seven years ago, and DIY skin care was the cool thing back then apparently. I still remember using an egg mixture concoction that I dipped the toilet paper in, and I used it as a face mask. When Hyram made a video reacting to that exact facial, I received second hand embarrassment from that.

The first time that I ever experimented with skincare was when I was 8. I would do at-home facials such as the infamous cold cucumber on your eyes facial. I also distinctly remember buying a reusable mask with little baby green orbeez at a dollar tree that I would refrigerate and use on my face to depuff and “ de-stress” . You may be wondering what kind of stress an eight year old could be going through, but trust me sis, the struggle is real and I did my affordable skin care routine every night like the on-a-budget queen I was and still am. It made me feel like a woman ( though I wouldn’t see my mom doing this kind of stuff, I really don’t know where I picked it up from) and it would make me feel beautiful. For some reason, I got the brilliant idea to apply tomatoes on my face when, so I would also do a tomato face mask whenever I felt I needed one. I guess my theory behind it was that the seeds acted as a gentle exfoliant and that the subtle stinging from the acidic tomato meant that it was working.

Before I could finish the first bottle of skin care my dad bought me, he bought me another one. It’s blue, with beads and glitter inside. I think the only good thing about it is that it’s a chemical exfoliant with salicylic acid. I liked it better than the last one I had received. And, after that bottle, my dad stopped buying me skincare products but I’m glad that he introduced me to other options other than DIY skincare and stealing my moms skincare products.

This brings us to when I was about thirteen or fourteen. At this time I didn’t have many pimples, and the pimples that I had had during a two or three year interval had become acne scars which had pretty much faded at this point. I didn’t have a skincare routine, at most I would splash my face with cold water. I started noticing growths of pimples when I was about 16. I would get them mostly around my hairline and I found them super irritating and annoying. But by the time I was 17 I didn’t have any anymore so at the time waiting it out and doing absolutely nothing about it worked for me. During my senior year while I was still 17, I didn’t have acne during the first semester, I just battled with acne scars. Then my second semester came. Covid-19 made it to California, and the lockdown made me stressed. I would get occasional giant and painful acne on my face, mostly my nose, forehead and hairline.Not only that but I started getting little red pimples on my chest and shoulders. Even though I still get pimples, I do have a skin care routine. I feel like if you follow a skin care routine it's almost expected that your skin will be perfect and I’m here to tell you that’s not true. I follow a simple routine for oily skin : a clay mask once or twice a week, a salicylic acid cleanser as a treatment (cerave), oil cleansing for makeup removal, a gentle cleanser for everyday use, and a cetaphil moisturizer, and I still get pimples. I think that skincare is a process. For me skincare is an enjoyable experience and there are plenty of products that I'm eager to try especially from the ordinary and youth to the people. My pimples go away within a week but a scar is almost always left behind. Right now the thing that I’m battling the most with is hyperpigmentation.

I know that my knowledge of skin will expand through time, I just wanted to share my skin journey with you. I hope that you found it entertaining to read, and maybe that you have experienced the same struggles I have. If thats the case feel free to DM me on instagram



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