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My 2020 Favorite Product List

Yes, I'm back at it and I'm not particularly thrilled.

My 2020 Favorite Product List

Last year, I created a comprehensive, exhaustive list of all my favorite products of the decade. I know, sick and twisted. Well, clearly I have a lot of thoughts about things, and against my better judgement I'm doing it again this year.

1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

This....okay this is a product I never thought I would ever reach this level of obsession for. If there's one thing about me it's that I have 0 brand loyalty. Whatsoever. As of 2020, you will never hear me say I love a brand because frankly a lot of them proved disappointing as hell this year.

But let's be really clear on one thing: if you have eczema this needs to be in your arsenal. I have genetic eczema which mainly effects my face, around my eyebrows and hairline especially. Also my stomach? For whatever reason? Point is, I've dealt with this whole bumpy itchy nasty sad skin thing for a minute. A lot of brands say that their products help eczema with little or no actual backup to those claims.

Ultra Repair Cream though? Hello?? This stuff is legit. Like, on another level. It's unscented, although they do pump out some limited edition scents for the holidays. But it really does soothe and hydrate my eczema without that weird, greasy film that other medicated lotions leave. It's an amazing sealant for any serums you may use as well. I highly recommend this not only for people with eczema, but for anyone on any kind of retinoid or benzoyl peroxide this time of year cuz we know it's brutal. I frequently find jars of this stuff at TJ Maxx too for a significant price drop so keep your little eyes peeled.

2. NatureLab. Tokyo Perfect Shine Shampoo

I spent a lot of time and unemployment checks on experimenting with products during quarantine, and I'm always recommended new shampoos. I have a very unique hair type in that it's almost completely straight except for 1 singular curl by my left ear but it's also very dense, so I'm a really good test subject for most shampoos. I basically am the beauty school guinea pig.

To be honest, I didn't expect a ton going into this. I'd heard good things about their shine formula, but I have trust issues regarding clarifying shampoos. A lot of shampoos claim to clarify, but as someone who uses a lot of product, you learn quickly which ones do and which ones don't. And sometimes if they do, they do a little too well and you're walking around with sad crunchy hair.

Oh my god. This stuff is something else. Not only is it clarifying, but it's gentle. It clarifies by lathering, not by harsh chemicals, so your hair feels soft and healthy, not sad and dry. It also smells amazing, light enough so that it isn't overly stinky but not that salon chemical smell. Like a pretty meadow where baby cows frolic. And yeah, their shine formula is that good. This may be the only hair product I tried this year that I genuinely am happy with and would recommend unequivocally.

3. DHC Oil Cleanser

Please stop buying the Drunk Elephant makeup removing balm. I 100% take back my positive reviews of that stuff. There's no reason when this exists, lasts 3x longer, and is a better bang for your buck. Also, no fruit extracts formulated into it either so win win for my sensitive babes.

Double cleansing isn't always necessary for every client, but this article seems to be eczema themed so I will say this: if you have extremely dry skin, just oil cleanse and tone. It's hard to find an oil cleanser that gets everything, but this is a magnet. Eyelash glue, liquid liner, full coverage foundation with primer, powder, and setting spray. Yeah, no match for DHC. It's a really no nonsense product. No harsh rubbing, no eye irritation, no micellar water or anything else needed.

I recommend this for anyone who does wear a full face of makeup, or anyone with dry easily irritated skin. DHC cleansing oil sweeps the floor with jelly cleansers and balms.

4. Moon Teeth Whitening Products

I actively and outwardly hate the KarJenners. Anything endorsed by any of them I actively avoid. That being said, my teeth have been stained beyond repair from years of coffee and wine. Whitening is generally exhausting for me because not only have I tried almost everything, to reach the level of whiteness I would need to look semi-normal would mean risking my teeth falling out my head.

Unfortunately for me and my distaste of Kendall Jenner, every Moon product I've tried, I love. Most specifically Kendall's tooth whitening pen. It isn't sloppy and goopy, and I layer it under their dissolving whitening strips for an extra push when I know I've had rough week equalling in 2x my Dunkin coffee intake. Their toothpaste is also so perfect. It lathers nicely and gives an amazing fresh from the dentist clean, and it also has glitter in it so win in my book. I wish the Kardashians never got involved here and I could love this brand a little more. And yet...

5. Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette

For some reason I just was really disenchanted by makeup this year. I don't know if it's because I disgustingly hit my marker of owning 40 eyeshadow palettes in October or because it was the same recycled releases pretty consistently because of Covid. I can't blame brands for putting out the bare minimum because hello, major world crisis and makeup isn't that important.

However, I've been chasing the high of the perfect travel palette. The one I can bring over night and have all the shades I need, the one I could bring to a distant relatives funeral and have enough different shades to do wake, funeral, and family function looks. The Sweet Talk palette is that girl. There are 3 separate chunky glitter shades which are all immaculate on their own and as toppers. Incredibly hard to find. The palette also has pink, peach, coral, and brown shades. Let's break that down a bit too. There's only 12 shades in here, and somehow they managed to wrap all those color schemes into one little box??

This is also a top tier beginner palette. All the shades blend like butter, There's matte, shimmer, and glitter shades that are great for playing around with and the colors really are flattering on so many skin tones. And for less than $20? The price is right too.

6. Juvia's Place I Am Magic Foundation

Since my exodus from Sephora I've had a really difficult time finding the perfect replacement for the Fenty Beauty original foundation formula. To be honest, Juvia's Place exceeds all expectations.

With over 40 shades, other brands couldn't dare, but in response to the similarities between Fenty Beauty's foundation? Not only is the formula thicker and more full coverage, it's the perfect finish. When they say velvet, they mean velvet. Fenty foundations are either dew or matte, but for the more versatile artist, this is a go to. Add a little powder to go matte, pop on a heavier moisturizer underneath for dew. Also, unlike Fenty Beauty, with Juvia's Place a little goes a long way. Like, I ordered this in July and I use it 2x a week for full coverage and I still have a quarter of my tube left. You only need about the size of a blueberry to reach a full face of coverage.

It pairs amazingly with silicone primers and all kinds of setting spray and powders. I really don't have any complaints. I will have complaints if it ever gets discontinued, but for now I'm quite content.

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