Major Hindrances in Laser Cosmetic Treatments

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There are many cosmetic treatments and one of the major options used by many is laser cosmetic treatment.

Major Hindrances in Laser Cosmetic Treatments

This involves the use of lasers to rejuvenate as well as improve the aesthetic appearance of the body tissues. We shall mostly focus on facial operations as a strategy to fight the effects of aging. The lasers can reduce the impacts of aging by:

  • Improving the circulation of blood which in turns lead to better delivery of nutrients
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving immunity and healing time
  • Tightening the face tissues
  • Improves collagen production

As with any other form of treatment, there are several factors that make laser cosmetic treatment not an option for everyone. Some of the hindrances involved in the use of lasers as a cosmetic treatment option are:

Skin type: There are many skin types and lasers are generally not optimized for darker skins. There are risks of discoloration or sustaining burns during the treatment. However, there are some lasers which can give good results on dark skins if properly used. Also, burns from lasers if not treated effectively can lead to secondary infections.

Cost: A majority of the people who seek cosmetic treatments are mostly concerned at the end results and not necessarily the means. As such, they can shift from one method to the other depending on convenience as well as costs involved. There are cheaper options like chemical peels or dermabrasion in as far as cosmetic treatments are concerned. The presence of these other options is a big hindrance to the usage of lasers due to the costs involved.

Professionalism: To get excellent results, lasers should only be used under the guidance of a doctor or by a dermatologist. In fact, there are laws prohibiting non-certified practitioners from using lasers. This makes the physicians resort to other methods of improving the aesthetic appearance. It’s advisable to seek treatment from an experienced and a board-certified dermatologist. If possible, get a recommendation from a friend on the best doctor near you.

Laser alone does not give excellent results: For effective results, it’s sometimes advisable to use the laser together with other options like the injectables. This is more so if the skin is extremely aged or has deep wrinkles. Lasers work best for moderately damaged skin. For the extensively wrinkled skin, facelift operations are more effective.

Several treatments are required and no instant results: Results from a laser cosmetic treatment are not instant and to make it even worse, several treatments are required. As such, the lasers cosmetic treatment might not be the best option for those who want results within the shortest time possible. For example, some celebrities and other people’s heading to a holiday destination might prefer a treatment like injectables that will plump their appearance almost instantly.

Other risks: Despite the fact that lasers are among the non-invasive cosmetic treatment options, there are still risk factors that hinder the use of lasers in cosmetic treatments. Some of these risks include swelling, bleeding, scarring, crusting, pigmentation, and many more depending on the level of professionalism applied as well as the type of laser used to give the treatment.

It’s worth mentioning to the doctor if you are under any medication to reduce the risks involved. This is particularly so if the laser is used for tattoo or hair removal. These treatments like tattoo removal require lasers with more intensity compared to skin resurfacing operations.

Wrap up:

Cosmetic laser treatments are among the most preferred methods of improving the aesthetic appearance but it goes without saying that they are not everyone’s choice. As aforementioned, there are some hindrances related to costing, professionalism required, skin type and other risk elements that make it not a suitable option for everyone. It’s advisable to seek medical advice from a doctor near you before embarking on any cosmetic treatment.

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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