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Let's All Scream FALL!

by Ayana . about a year ago in makeup
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It's that time of the year where the leaves change color, the weather gets chillier, and makeup becomes more fun.

Let's All Scream FALL!
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Who doesn't love fall? This is a time where it's not too hot and you can bring out the chunkiest sweater to strut in. Don't forget the makeup. I love this time of the year because not only do the holidays start to roll in, but your makeup also doesn't sweat or crease as it does during the hotter seasons. Not only do you get to dress up in your favorite knee-high boot, but you also get to find your perfect fall makeup look. There are a few favorite looks I would definitely recommend based on what I've seen on youtube and I'll get to why in a minute.

We all know that this year has been a lot to grasp with the whole pandemic going on. But let's not dread and try to end these few months with some fun and a bang.

Why Isn't Your Makeup Lasting?

I've watched this video and this is a great way to inform anyone how to keep your makeup looking fresh for the day. I realized that it's easier said than done to try and always keep the perfect skin while wearing makeup. It can take a lot to be a girl! This video helps explains the way around that. It is good to have a list of products for skincare because we want to make sure that we nourish the skin before we apply anything to our face. I honestly felt so much better when I decided to get a moisturizer and also having a cleanser for my skin. It's better to find out the type of skin you have because that can shape the outcome of the finished look. We have to buy a specific foundation, primer, and other items that correlate with our skin type. I thought this would be very helpful for anyone who needs that extra care in looking for ways to rejuvenate the skin during the colder months.

Fall Make-Up Go Tos

Here is another video that was helpful for inspiring me to choose the right makeup look for the new season. We have to acknowledge the effort with this look. We have the dark red lip, which is always a favorite of mine. Darker colors are in and I love a simple straight to point video. A lot of the items used in this video I could see are from Elf cosmetics. If you know most of these items are super affordable. I love a good bang for my buck, especially if there's a budget that we're trying to keep here. Another thing I loved about this video is that everything seemed quite simple. The list goes from primer, foundation, eye shadow, concealer, and last the lashes and lips. For the fall season. I know that people tend to go darker tones than the brighter ones. Don't be afraid to add some color to the look with your eyeshadow. It's very fun when you get to learn the basics of makeup.

LIP Check For cold weathers

We all know what happens when our lips get dry. They tend to become more and more annoying causing us to want to break the skin and bite them. Let us not forget that before we put on our lipstick, lipliner, or whatever it is that will be born, we have to learn to care for our lips. These two are a part of our face and must be cared for as well. This video gives some insight into what might work for you or not during the colder seasons. One time I bought this lip scrub from amazon, it advertised that it would help clear up any dark spots that you were having. I tried it for weeks just for it not to work. I was a little upset having to spend up to $10 on this item. Hey, at least it had a good smell and came in this cool bamboo case with a bow. If you don't wear lipstick often this could possibly help you to make the best decision for your lips health.

Best Lip Color For Autumn

I stan a great lip color for the holidays. I think it's most important that if decided to wear a lip color combo it should be a great pigment. Who wants a color that will fade or come off over time? That's why I chose this video because it gives us more variety of colors that could match your vibe. The fall is the perfect time to darken those shades a bit and get to the darker side. I personally am not a big lipstick person however, if I know I'm going to be going out or trying to amp up my look a bit I'd try some of these shades.

Shadows & Colors

Holidays are around the corner and being creative with makeup is what we all love to do. I came across this video where this gives a great explanation of the best fall makeup eye shadows. They're shimmery to matte. Having the best color in makeup always completes the look. I can't wear too much eye shadow all the time, but if you're one to keep different palettes this video will help you make a good choice.

By Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

The end of the year is always the best time to bring out your creativity with costumes, makeup, and hair. But deciding what and how to find that look for the end of the year can sometimes come with a bit of struggle. I hope that this guide can help you and inspire you.


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