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Learn these 3 tips, so that you "skinny" also stunning people

No matter what generation of girls, they can understand the importance of makeup

By Egg LemmonPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Learn these 3 tips, so that you "skinny" also stunning people
Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham on Unsplash

It does not matter if you do not know how to makeup, girls learn these 3 tips, so that you are "vegetarian" and also stun people

Walking in the street, and seeing the good-looking girls, always can not help but want to see more eyes. Their skin is like a baby's skin as tender and smooth, their eyes are like a star shining, a smile can attract the eye, a hand a foot, as elegant and generous. Such girls who look at it will not be able to help but envy it, who look at it will be deeply attracted.

Want to have a high value, the prerequisite is that the skin must be good

Although the aesthetic and definition of each generation is not the same, the understanding of beauty is much the same, many years ago, the majority of the 80s face, even to the age of makeup, but also to light makeup is the main, heavy makeup is almost rare. Later, in the post-90s, the aged of 20 to 20 years old, also know the importance of makeup and will draw simple makeup for themselves, to enhance their face and temperament. Now after 00 or even 05, many girls are thick-system makeup, makeup after the face hanging and age does not match the mature, after removing the makeup face can still be seen as childish.

No matter which generation of girls, they can understand the importance of makeup, they can realize the changes brought by their face, and having a good appearance can bring more opportunities for themselves. But not all girls can makeup, and not everyone can use a pair of hands to highlight the advantages of their shortcomings to cover up, although makeup can bring about an image change, there are many girls said to be "handicapped party" not too much, simple makeup can also draw a very different style of side.

The first thing you need to do is to have patience and not come up with the standards of a makeup artist. For newcomers, you must not rush, first, master the steps and techniques of makeup, and then slowly a little bit to get started, and after being really familiar with it, boldly try, many times to practice makeup technology will be able to advance by leaps and bounds.

Some girls say that they are "maharaja" with not enough hands and brains, and they don't have time to practice their make-up skills, but they just want to be beautiful. For such girls, or girls ho do not have time to make up, as long as the mastery of these 3 skills, even if the face, but also to be able to stun the crowd, together with a look at which 3 skills?

One: clean to be in place

If you want to have a high face value, the prerequisite is that the skin must be good, with no major problems and defects, after the makeup can also be a few points of beauty, if the skin blemishes, or rough skin, even if you apply a thick foundation can not cover the rough and dull skin. If you say that you have skincare every day, on the face to do cleaning, the face still have blackheads pimples closed mouth, etc., not cleaning is not done properly, should be the face breeding mites.

Two: Use a skin cream

For girls who don't know how to do makeup, good skin is only part of it, want to enhance the face and temperament, but also need to give the skin a bottom, the skin is not good when using foundation, then it may cause a certain burden on the skin if you want to look spiritual and color, you may want to use the skin cream to replace the role of the foundation. It is possible to show the effect of vegan makeup, but also to provide care for the skin.

The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

The texture is very moist, light, and light, after the face will not have a heavy sticky feeling, or smear, more like a natural "nude" effect, not false white, not easy to take off makeup, and waterproof and sweat-proof ability, and even with makeup all day long will not stain at all. Oil skin is also very friendly, with a skin nourishing effect, adjusting the balance of water and oil on the face, can also be used as a barrier cream, skin care function beauty function at the same time.

Three: hair and clothing should be appropriate

Some girls are concerned about the front but not the back, care about the hair, care about the makeup, care about the makeup and can not care about the clothes, in short, always be picked out, either the hair is too dry or too messy too greasy, either the makeup is not clean or makeup is too heavy, either the clothes are too rustic or clothes and the overall style does not match.

Everyone's face is uneven, some people are naturally beautiful, some people are mediocre, some people have a noble temperament, and some people wear any clothes that can wear a sense cheap. These differences can be improved by some details, such as more effort in dressing and skincare makeup, learning more knowledge, and makeup skills, more understanding of the clothing, improving a little, wear a sense of seniority. And then with a good-looking hairstyle exquisite makeup, the entire appearance of the person also has a qualitative leap.

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