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It is recommended to have "3 jackets, 2 skirts and 1 pants" to reduce the age of white and advanced

by Egg Lemmon 2 months ago in how to / face / body
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Whitening is actually a lifelong "struggle"

It is recommended to have "3 jackets, 2 skirts and 1 pants" to reduce the age of white and advanced
Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

The topic of women is always whitening, slimming, and so on. But whitening for women is a lifelong "struggle". But for the whitening of this big thing can not be achieved overnight, but need to be formed overnight and year by year, month by month, and day by day accumulation.

But for yellow-skinned ladies, in fact, for the autumn dress always want to change a variety of different patterns to achieve the effect of wearing white. If they try to go with the dress to choose some white, then we are also able to help the cause of whitening. It is recommended to have these "3 jackets, 2 skirts, and 1 pair of pants", to reduce the age of white and advanced, beautiful.

For women with yellow skin, jackets, pants, and skirts need to be prepared

A: jacket

1, windbreaker

Yellow and black skin want to show white first step is to choose the right color. And for autumn wear a trench coat the most common color is a khaki, camel, and other earth tones, these colors instead and the autumn scene can be echoed, but very harmonious. And autumn and winter choosing to wear khaki color is the classic color of the enduring, looks very quiet and gentle and not open.


Since it is to introduce you to commuter wear, but for the autumn and winter season, then it is everyone can not do without the blazer. Especially for the blazer is one of the essential items for women in the workplace, especially if you choose to wear it on your body, both simple and also competent, and also full of workplace models. Especially when you pick a suit, it is also recommended that you choose to use more classic models, such as khaki or black suit, which are very fashionable and generous.

When wearing a suit, we do not always constrain to the ordinary with, occasionally you can also choose some skills to modify the body, like the blogger with a suit with the belt, it will look sexy a lot. The belt can be said to be the highlight of her look, modifying the proportion of the body, and look more sophisticated, and more fashionable than the ordinary suit.

3、Knitted cardigan

The pure color knit cardigan is often the most low-key, low-saturation knitwear that can play a contrasting effect on the skin tone and can make the skin tone look more white. The fact is that for the fall and winter season, for the lady who likes to be clean and sharp, it is recommended that you can try some slimmer solid color knit cardigan.

This kind of clothes can highlight the curve of the body shape but is also very versatile both single or stacked wear are very suitable. And for sisters with long necks, you can try knitted cardigans to keep warm and at the same time modify the neckline, and concave modeling to be particularly generous.

Whitening is a lifelong "struggle"

Two: Pants

01、Straight white pants

When choosing pants, in addition to the choice of color, the most critical is based on the selection of the version. For the tight design version or straight version of the pants, the style is different, and the autumn and winter season to choose the straight version of the "white pants", such a dress is actually more suitable for girls with thick legs to wear, but relatively tight than the "white pants". In the case of the "white pants", this is not only a high demand for the body but also very easy to look thick legs, the visual fashion is not strong enough.

The focus of the choice of pants also lies in the location of the waistline, but the location of the waistline we choose will be affected by the length of your legs. But like low waist, mid waist, and high waist style pants, we present the leg length as different, compared to low waist "straight white pants", more recommended you choose high waist models.

02、Corduroy Pants

If you feel that too bright shades are not suitable for you, then choose a solid color must be the most classic color, and also the use of harem pants version, so that you can instead trim your thick legs very slender, but autumn and winter choose food corduroy fabric, wear the body is also warm and comfortable, the basic choice of a pair of pants to wear then already very warm sense. Very suitable for autumn and winter season wear, revealing the ankle pants, with the sweater is also very good-looking and high, outside a pair of shoes is the most in this autumn's wear.

Three: skirt

Umbrella skirt

What is the "umbrella skirt"? The so-called umbrella skirt is a loose version of the skirt and umbrellas are somewhat similar, but this skirt for wide hips, the lower half of the slightly fat ladies then is very friendly, autumn and winter season to wear their bodies then are very thin and hide the meat.

In the fall with the umbrella skirt, you only need to overlap the top to create a high sense of layering, you can make your outfit look more detailed, so the collocation is instead a sense of fashion more adequate. But the point worth noting is that try not to choose too tight tops for overlap, which is easy to look bloated not to mention will also damage the sense of style, so it is not recommended.

What are the tips to wear in autumn for women with dull yellow skin tone

Tips ① Judging your skin tone

The most intuitive way is to use the color of the blood vessels at the wrist to judge. If you are warm skin or cold skin, you can tell at a glance whether you are white or yellow. And also because the blood vessels are purple, so this test is more inclined to the cool tone whitish skin tone; if the blood vessels are green, the opposite is warm tone yellow skin mostly.

A piece of white paper is the second way to judge intuitively. Compare the white paper with your face in a horizontal line for the mirror, if you choose to look very pale against the white paper, then this is the case of white skin; if the reflected skin tone is yellowish, it is obvious that it is yellow skin.

Whitening is a lifelong "struggle"

Tips ② Avoid large piles

The skills in the front, with the back, before the color match to know some small skills. For example, first of all, we need to avoid the accumulation of large color blocks, which are often said to be the same color all over the body, because this kind of dressing often appears in the whole body a code color or the same color system dressing.

For these two cases, we should pay attention to color matching to have a sense of contrast, for example, choose other contrasting colors or the same color but different shades, combined to not look boring.

Tips ③ appropriate skin showing fashionable

The skin is not equal to sexy, in fact, in the black and yellow skin girls wear, we need to choose the appropriate skin, which can play a very advanced role with. And we can actually choose some V-neck or square-neck tops in our daily wear, and as long as we reveal our neck and collarbone position this kind of wear can highlight our neckline, and then highlight our skin and texture. At the same time can also play a visual stretching effect, look more compact face, the whole person more sexy and feminine.

Although it is yellow and black skin, as long as the appropriate choice to reveal their arms, shoulders, neck, and collarbone position, while also using a short upper and lower long wearing way, so that in the high and thin at the same time also very wearable temperament. The whole person's aura is very powerful and very queen-like.

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