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If one day

If one day

By RICKY PALOMOPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

In a twinkling of an eye, I have been in the sixth grade, and a few months to graduate it! I still remember what it was like to be in the first grade. To tell the truth, I really do not want to leave the students, reluctant to CAI Jingtaro, reluctant to Tian Jing, reluctant to Tian Wenyan...... For six years, they accompany me to study, accompany me to play, six years of classmate friendship to the end of the exchange is that "goodbye, friends! "Aye, farewell friend; Say goodbye to your classmates; Farewell to those I hate; Farewell to my teacher; Farewell to those who have helped me and those I have helped; Goodbye to people whose names I don't know but who talk to me all day... .... After we left school, we went our separate ways, wondering what it would be like to reunite again. What kind of identity? Graduation represents growth. Classmates have witnessed the happiest time in my life. Perhaps only after separation can I realize the importance of my classmates in my heart. From now on, maybe no one will be noisy in my side.... Do not know, after many years, again through the familiar streets, into the familiar door, see the familiar playground, the teacher will be a kind of mood, sad or miss? After many years, I don't know whether the teacher will remember to teach me this student, I don't know whether the classmates will remember we used to play together, I don't know whether the classmates will remember we spent the sixth grade...... Maybe grow up, I may forget the teacher, forget the classmates, but I also forget that there are a few people have played with me. Junior high school three years, I will make new friends, and then familiar with the new environment, at this time, is the first step in my life.

Helen Keller was a disabled educator who is considered one of the greatest women in American history. When she was 19 months old, a serious illness robbed her of her sight and hearing. When Helen was eight years old, her parents found a governess for her, Miss Sullivan. With the help of Miss Sullivan and her family and friends, she attended Wright-Hermasson School and Cambridge School for Girls, and then Harvard University, where she tried her hand at writing. Now that we're happy, Helen's not fair. By the time she could remember, she had lost sight and hearing. All she craves is three days of light, and ours? Do not cherish the time, do not cherish the eyes, ask too much, return too little. Helen used her persistence to get into Harvard, but what about us? In this book, we can see: in the face of cruel facts, Helen bravely accepted the challenge, she not only proved the courage of human to overcome the fate with action, but also recorded the pain and happiness they experienced, to encourage future generations. Helen is a life in the dark but also bring light to the people of the female, a spent 88 spring and autumn, but survived 87 years dark, silent, silent lonely years of weak woman. Perhaps, she is only physically weak, but her spirit is definitely a strong! All. The achievement is an absolute miracle. And to create this miracle, all rely on an indomitable heart and indomitable perseverance quality. As a healthy person, we should learn Helen's spirit of struggle, learn how to overcome the wind and rain, learn how to challenge themselves. At the same time, we also want to care for the disabled around, as long as love and warmth forever, then life in the world will be like a rainbow gorgeous!

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