I Tried HUM’s Daily Cleanse Supplement & Here’s What Happened

You probably recognize HUM from all over your social media feeds. Here’s what happened when I tried their most popular product, the Daily Cleanse Supplement.

I Tried HUM’s Daily Cleanse Supplement & Here’s What Happened

If there’s one thing I can honestly say, it’s that I do not exactly have a good diet. Ask anyone who knows me; it’s true. It’s one of those things that I’ve really been ashamed of and have slowly (very slowly) been working to correct.

My diet generally consists of energy drinks, salted snacks, alcoholic drinks, smokes, and the occasional salad. Sure, the salad may be good, but the sheer quantity of caffeine and alcohol generally doesn’t bode well for a person’s health.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of my poor life decisions. I have been feeling swollen and puffy. My stomach has been hurting. Even my face has been looking a bit under the weather. One day, I had enough. I couldn’t keep this up. I needed a cleanse!

I’ve done cleanses before, and they’ve been pretty decent. However, I really needed some nitro. This time around, I decided to try HUM’s Daily Cleanse Supplement to give me the boost I needed in order to feel great again.

Having never tried a cleanse supplement before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Heck, I wasn’t even sure if it’d work. So, I figured I’d write down the results of my month-long experiment to find out what it’s really like.

Why did I decide to supplement my cleanse?

Cleanses are something I’m very well-accustomed to. I’ve done the juice cleanse thing quite a few times. I’ve also guzzled plenty of gallons of water as a way to cleanse out the bad stuff. However, I realized that there was a certain point where you just need a better option.

My diet has gotten a lot more toxic since I moved out on my own. It’s been affecting my skin pretty badly, too. I needed help getting all the crap out of my system—and my body alone was not going to be able to do it this time.

HUM Nutrition is one of those companies I’d heard a lot about before I tried them. On health forums, they were constantly being talked up. Beauty vloggers featured their supplements for hair and nails. Even my friends were touting them as the best thing since cotton candy. (The gummies taste AMAZING.)

Though they’re mostly known for beauty supplements, I trusted the company to make a pretty decent detox supplement. When I found out that they allow you to talk to a supplement specialist who takes your goals into account, I decided that it was a wise decision to use HUM for my cleanse.

That level of care and individualized attention means something to me. I know every body is different; it’s good to know they guided me to a product that was right for me.

Ingredient-wise, I noticed that they didn’t have typical ingredients. They had zinc, chlorella, and spirulina in the cleanse pills. These were ingredients that I typically use when I need to “brighten up” my complexion, and it just seemed like a good idea to try them out.

Let’s talk about the art of cleansing your body.

If you’re going to take a cleansing supplement, you need to do it right. Popping a pill alone will not be enough to make your body return back to normal after a bender or five. You need to actually take time to dedicate yourself to getting healthier, and that means that you will need to pair it with a healthy diet.

Personally, I was pretty distressed with seeing all the breakouts I had. I wanted to make sure that I got the full benefits of the Daily Cleanse, because it had gotten to the point where my acne was spiraling out of control.

I actually had a talk with a HUM expert before I set out on my cleansing journey. She explained that the best way to do HUM’s Daily Cleanse was actually a temporary method. It wasn’t meant to be a crash diet, rather, a gentle way to press the reset button after a lot of craziness.

She suggested kicking off the cleanse this way:

“It is best to take 2 capsules of Daily Cleanse each day with or without food. The best way to support the health of your skin is to use Daily Cleanse in combination with a healthy diet, manage stress, sleep well, incorporate movement and disconnect from your cell phone.”

Here’s what I did with the cleanse...

I’d be lying if I said that I disconnected from my phone. There are certain things that I cannot and will not do, and that’s one of them. I decided to take the cleanse pills with food and cut out my drinks for a while. Along with that, I started to hit the gym for some solo yoga sessions.

Hearing that advice, I realized that stress was a large part of my unhealthy lifestyle. I needed to chill out. So, I made a point of not overworking myself this week. This week was meant to be “me time,” and that’s what it would be.

The first few days, I didn’t really notice anything.

For the first few days, I really didn’t feel any different than the way I would have felt if I had no supplement whatsoever. Even so, I stuck with the cleanse realizing that it often takes a while for it to work.

At this point, all that I noticed was that I was going to the bathroom a little more. My skin, for the most part, stayed the same. It was a little moister than normal.

Cravings were pretty bad, though.

The toughest part of any cleanse is actually sticking to it, and in order to cleanse your body well, you need to avoid stuff that isn’t good for you. For me, this meant giving up cigars, energy drinks, alcohol, and chocolates.

Like with anyone going through a major diet change, the cravings were pretty bad. I was very tempted to just run to a convenience store and gobble up candy as soon as I went to work. This was the hardest part of the cleanse.

By two weeks in, I noticed a bit more of a difference.

By two weeks in, my ability to work was back. Though I work a grueling 12-hour day, I was able to focus again and perform better. It no longer felt like I had glue in my blood, nor did I have that constantly tired feeling. It started to feel like a weight was lifted off my back.

In terms of my skin, which really was my problem point, I started to notice that a little bit of a healthier glow. My skin definitely felt less dry and started to feel softer. I was pretty impressed because it usually takes a trip to the spa to get my skin feeling this way.

My work was impacted in the best way possible. Thanks to that weightless alert feeling I had, I was able to complete a bunch of things ahead of deadline. My managers also noticed my energy levels and gave me a thumbs up.

By three weeks, I noticed that the cleanse had given me a very interesting side effect.

After work, I headed home to get started with dinner. Dinner tonight was going to be some Middle Eastern salad, a side of Greek yogurt, and some fruit juice. As I sat down, I realized something pretty telling…

My dinner had been laid out on the table. I felt alert, rather than exhausted. I had not reached for an energy drink, nor did I grab an alcoholic drink. I had no appetite for those, while I usually did. I also noticed that I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am.

I grabbed the supplement to see if this was a reason why I wasn’t eating as much as I typically do. As luck would have it, zinc actually impedes a hormone that causes late night cravings, which would explain why my late-night dinners were no longer as tasty as I used to think they were!

Interestingly enough, my friend who was eating dinner with me said something that also made me smile. They asked if I was getting paid extra. I asked why, and they replied, “You look like you’ve been hitting the spa. Your skin’s so much better these days!”

Another quirk I noticed dealt with my skin.

Like many people out there, I get breakouts when Aunt Flo decides to visit. During those times, I usually have pretty awful cystic acne that stung and also looked terrible. This month, though? It was a bit of a different story.

As Aunt Flo arrived, I noticed that most of the acne that I usually get didn’t arrive with her. What little acne I did get was subdued and quickly disappeared with the help of an overnight acne cream. For me, this was pretty unheard of.

By four weeks, my body felt way better.

Once the week was almost done, it became clear that my cleanse had worked very well, in a variety of ways—including some that I didn’t quite expect. My waistline had shrunk due to the lack of drinking, and to a point, my lack of nighttime cravings. My skin cleared up faster than I thought it would, and I was starting to get remarks from people saying that I looked youthful.

Energy-wise, I couldn’t feel better if I tried. I had the same kind of energy that I had in high school. Even my mood matched my upbeat amount of energy. It’s pretty amazing what having a couple of lifestyle tweaks can do.

It wasn’t easy to accomplish, but I was really happy with the results.

I did what I could to incorporate HUM’s advice on how to best perform a cleanse, and I won’t lie; it wasn’t always easy. The first couple of days, I was constantly craving my drinks and smokes. I still felt terrible, which made it hard to keep everything going.

However hard it was, it was absolutely worth it in the end. The only thing that you have to be aware of going in, is that you do have to have dedication to your lifestyle change. Otherwise, you won’t see the kind of results I did.

The cleanse might not have involved my cell phone, but what I did really helped me feel amazing. My skin hasn’t looked this good in a long, long time, either. I didn’t know it was possible to get that kind of healthy glow, especially not with my history of bad dieting.

HUM’s Daily Cleanse gave me a lot of energy, a better mood, and an overall better look. I decided to keep on cleansing, simply because the effects of the cleanse were so noticeable. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a lifestyle change!

It’s available online on HUM's website.

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