I only wash my hair once per week!

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I hopped on the no-poo train and here's what I've noticed.

I only wash my hair once per week!

No, I don't only shower once per week, I don't need the help of poor hygiene to drive people away. My winning "no-filter" personality and resting bitch face do that for me.

The "NoPoo" (no shampoo-- again, I don't need the help of anything external to have issues pooing: thanks, genetics!) movement has been alive and well for a while now, but I never noticed the health or texture of my hair needing any revitalizing, so I have never paid attention or thought of changing my hair regimen. That is, until after I had my son. No matter what products I used, how well I rinsed or brushed in the shower, how often or thoroughly I washed, my hair would be so constantly greasy it would look as if it never dried after I showered. Yeah, like post partum women don't have enough to worry about in the confidence department, but now my hair looked like I had been styling it with margarine. Excellent. I had always needed to wash about every other day, but at this point, I didn't even want hair anymore. So I turned to our friend the internet to see what I could do to fix it before I pulled a 2008 Britney Spears.

I took to all social media and complained and lamented about only being able to wear my hair in french plaits or a ballerina bun in order to hide the BP oil spill site on my scalp, and one of my friends from work told me to try her hair routine: wash once per week and that's IT. At first I thought "you're telling me the secret to not having nasty hair is to just leave it to sit in it's own nastiness?" Then I thought, "not only does this particular friend of mine have gorgeous and healthy hair, but she takes various adorable selfies with cute shower caps on", so I didn't need much else to sell me on giving the NoPoo thing a whirl. I started my research and, if you know much about taking care of your skin, none of this info comes as very surprising.

In my time spent on spa tables and the internet, I've learned that, it turns out, your scalp is also your skin (did I just blow your mind? I'm basically a dermatologist. Kidding. don't come for me dermatologists); just like you have a skin type, you have a scalp type, and your scalp type affects your hair. Some people have dry hair/scalps, some have oily, and some have combination, just like skin types. So not all people should wash their hair at the same time intervals. Some people really do need to wash every or every other day. Some maybe twice per week. I'm no scientist, so don't ask me why, but what I've learned from various skin care professionals is that the natural oil we produce is actually good for our skin and hair. So as much as you would think leaving your natural oils on your hair and scalp would add to the grease factor, it actually tends to balance itself out. Different oils do different things; some work to add oils, some work to dissolve them, and you may need to use some and not the others depending on your scalp or skin type, so you can check out more info on that here.

As it happens, I have combination skin, and when I wash my hair every other day, my scalp becomes super oily, which seems to turn my hair to buttered noodles. My hair needs more time to have it's natural oils stay and play and dry and do whatever, so I am someone who the NoPoo thing has actually worked wonders for. My hair has never quite been unhealthy or dry looking; I don't think my issue was that I was stripping my hair of it's natural oils, but I think I was just screwing with the levels too much by shampooing and conditioning every other day.

Shampooing once per week leaves my hair pretty well clean enough to wear down to about day 4 or 5 depending on how much I've touched it or styled it, when previously I could barely get 2 days out of my hair. It did take one or two weeks of sticking it out and being okay with looking a little greasy to get the results but my hair is now thanking me for just leaving it the hell alone!

More than the frequency of my washes, I have learned a little more about properly washing my hair as well. Again, this varies with hair/scalp type, so talk to your own hair stylist about what your regimen should look like, but for me, I need to shampoo twice, sometimes three times, and only condition from about an inch below my ear down. This gives me the chance to strip my hair of any dirt and oil that doesn't need to be there, then just give the hair a good clean and my scalp a little TLC after all that nastiness circles down my drain.

Again, I am no scientist, hair stylist, or really even someone you would ever want to take beauty advice from, but I am a regular person with no financial obligation telling you that if you are struggling with you hair texture and health I think you should try this no-poo thing!..... but make sure you've got some cute up-do's in your arsenal.

Hannah B
Hannah B
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