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Hydrating and nourishing-What's the Difference

by Maria Ostasevici 11 months ago in skincare
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the difference is important for your skin

Moisturizer or nourishing cream? The difference between hydration and nutrition formula is a mystery to many of us. They both help us when we have dry skin, right ?! Let's better understand what each cream does and what is the right time to use them.


Moisturizer is what helps keep moisture inside our skin. It has a lighter texture and is often recommended for people up to 30 years old, who need to treat dry skin due to the aggression of the external environment or lifestyle. It is important to emphasize that the water we drink and the moisturizer make a perfect team and one without the other works halfway.

"Skin-retaining agents" refers to ingredients capable of repairing the skin's inter cellular matrix (the fundamental external structure). There are many ingredients that have these functions. Moisturizers, of which glycerin is a classic example, attract water to the skin and are a vital component of a moisturizer.

It seems that skin cells usually have enough water if they do not deteriorate, and the water content of healthy skin usually varies between 10-30%. Once the skin is irritated, excessively cleansed, exposed to the sun or dehydrated by air conditioning or indoor heating, its integrity is compromised and water loss results. This happens when the substances that keep the skin cells bound to create the surface structure, which we see as skin (the inter cellular matrix) are depleted.

The inter cellular structure consists of several different components, ranging from ceramides to lecithin, glycerin, polysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, collagen, elastin, proteins, amino acids, cholesterol, glucose, sucrose, fructose, glycogen, phospholipids , glycosphingolipids, glycosaminoglycans and more. All this gives the skin what it needs to keep its cells intact. When a moisturizer contains a combination of these water-retaining ingredients, it can help strengthen the skin's natural ability to function normally, improve skin texture, and by continuing to use products containing the ingredients mentioned above can radically relieve dry skin.

It is mandatory that all moisturizers contain a protection factor, as they are mainly intended for use during the day. At night, when the skin recovers, it needs denser textures that seek to restore the skin in depth (nourishing creams)

Nourishing cream

After 25 years, cell regeneration begins to decline and practically begins the aging process. There are a lot of changes inside our body that influence the appearance of our skin, including dry skin, loss of facial contour and the appearance of wrinkles, first expression, then deep.

Nourishing creams, in addition to hydration, bring extra lipids. Lipids are molecular formations that help prevent aging and the formation of energy reserves in the skin, reserves that strengthen it and protect it from external factors such as strong sun, wind and pollution.

The nourishing cream is a dense, rich cream that contains lipids (ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids), antioxidants, minerals and a lot of emollients that together will deeply nourish the skin, aiming at cellular recovery, preserving collagen and elastin aiming to restore skin firmness. , smoothing wrinkles and reducing pigment spots.

Nourishing creams are used mainly at night, when our skin recovers and has the greatest need for rich and intensely nourishing textures.

For oily skin, which does not support dense creams, the best solution is to use water-based or silicone lotions, fluid and ultra light. Another possibility would be the local use depending on the need of the skin: on the scaly areas a greasy cream is used and on the greasy ones, a light one based on silicone.

The moisturizer helps to recover moisture from the epidermis. That is, it is a source of water for our skin. On the other hand, nourishing creams, in addition to hydration, bring extra lipids. Lipids are molecular formations that help form the skin's energy reserves, reserves that strengthen it and protect it from external factors such as strong sun, wind and pollution.

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing one of these two types of cream is age. Generally, a moisturizer is indicated for people under the age of 25, while the nourishing one is for people over 25 years old. In general, under this age the skin has an increased capacity for cell regeneration and does not need additional lipids, ie extra energy for protection. The second thing to keep in mind is the signals our skin gives. Regardless of age, if the skin is permanently rough, dry and we have the feeling of skin that you are recommended to use a nourishing cream. This helps to restore the skin's protective barrier and strengthens it.


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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

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mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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