How to Wash Your Hair When There Is No Shower – Gross Content Alert

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Trust me, you will need this in one point of your life.

How to Wash Your Hair When There Is No Shower – Gross Content Alert

Yes, this is a legit life hack needed by many modern-living individuals, girls especially, because we have longer hair and it becomes super obvious when they trap in all that grease and sweat.

There are many reasons why we could end up with horrible, dirty-looking hair in the middle of the day. Some of us live in the tropics where the humidity is always high, making the hair greasy and volume-less; some of us go to the gym before work or during lunch hour, sweating a bucket and messing up the hair; or some of us just have scalps that naturally produce more sebum than others.

Unfortunately for me, all three cases is true for me. And things are not making it easier when there are always not enough showers at gym/offices, or that they are always full. So this hack is not going to teach you how to make your hair look more glamorous, it is for those like me who are struggling to make the hair look presentable at the minimum.

1. Dry Shampoo

First of all, you should make dry shampoo your best friend. Take your time to explore the right one that fits your hair type. These little hair saviors can be super convenient – most of them are either to be sprayed on or massaged into the dirty tresses, give it a five minutes or so, and just proceed to brush them out. And voila, you are done!

2. Hair Salon

This is a no-brainer. Just head to the nearest hair salon and ask for an express hair wash. It can be a great option if you are not pressed for time and don’t mind spending a little. Plus side, is you get to relax in comfort (who else LOVEEES salon hair wash like me?) and if you also do a blow-dry, your hair can actually look great. Downside, is this option won’t work for those who prefer morning workouts, since most salons open late.

3. Go for a swim.

Definitely not proud of this, but hey, let’s just believe in dilution and that the pool water will be changed regularly. So it works like this – no matter if you are coming out from a workout session or just having sweaty hair on a hot day, change and walk naturally into the pool at your gym or office (best if you could go a quick twirl by the pool shower so that people will not become suspicious why you are so wet before even entering the pool), do one or two laps and just go out.

Chlorinated hair can be a bitch to comb out, but I will choose it over sweaty hair any day.

4. Brace yourself for this – the toilet basin.

Okay I know, I know, this is downright gross. But a girl HAS TO wash her hair NO MATTER WHAT, when everything else failed her. So yea, this is speaking from another personal experience (in fact, it was just yesterday).

Disclaimer: It was after a crazy HIIT session – I was dripping wet - and I needed to be in the office for a meeting with my boss in 30 minutes. There were only two showers at the yoga studio and both were occupied, I came back to the office shower just to find it closed (and locked) for renovation. I don’t have my dry shampoo, no nearby pool or salon open; I was plain desperate.


So it just happened. I washed the basin, filled my bottle up with water, poured it over my head while leaning into the basin, and just started washing my hair there. It occurred to me that people would walk in and see me, this freak, washing her hair over a basin that is meant for washing hands, god forbid the kind of judgmental look I would get for that!

I went into a cubicle, put down the toilet lid, and sat there continuing to wash my hair. I thought about how disappointed those peeping toms would be if they took all the effort to sneak into a female toilet, just to find me here washing my hair. Luckily for me, no one came to the toilet while I was there. So I quickly went back to the basin, and apparently it’s so damn difficult to rinse out the foam, so I had to stick my head under the running tap and just let my hair rinse in the basin.

It was a legit new low in my life but a few blots and squeezes by the towel later, my hair looked clean again and no one would need to know about what just happened.

Else you guys.

I wish you will never have to resort to this, but who knows…

How does it work?
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