How to Shave

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And should you?

How to Shave

Body hair can invoke a lot of different reactions from yuck to yum. Different areas of the world will have unique views on whether hair is sexy. This will vary from different areas to the body to how that hair is kept, removed, or styled. There are many different ways that people choose to remove body hair. The choice to remove hair should be entirely your own based on what you like. If you find it more appealing to remove the hair, then you should do so. The choice should be entirely your own. One of the more common and less painful ways to remove body hair is by shaving it.

What Can You Shave? What Should You?

Realistically, you can choose to remove all the hair from your body if you wanted. How much hair you consider removing is usually influenced by what is normal in your culture, but people usually go with what they find appealing. You need to choose which hair you intend to remove and what you are alright with leaving.

Common areas that people consider shaving will vary depending on their gender. They can include areas such as head, face, underarms, genitals, legs, or arms. A person may shave all or none of these areas depending on their preferences. Regardless of what areas are chosen for the hair removal, there a few things to consider. Certain areas of the body, such as around the genitals, can be more sensitive to shaving and more likely to get razor rash and ingrown hairs. That being said, there are a number of ways you can reduce irritations to your skin.

Soften & Exfoliate the Skin

One of the best places to shave is in the shower because the water and heat will help soften your skin. Once the skin softens, you will reduce the number of nicks and burns. If you don't wish to shave in the shower, soak the intended skin for three to five minutes in warm water.

As shaving tends to exfoliate the skin, you can get a better and closer shave by making sure that the area is already clean. If you do not, the razor blade can become clogged with dead skin. A clogged razor blade increases the risks of razor burn and nicks and also fails to cut the hair properly.

Choosing a Shaving Cream

Shaving cremes help reduce discomfort by helping to moisturize the area. Using a cream will help keep the hair soft, moisturize the skin, and get in between the hairs to lift them up. All these things factor into a better shaving experience.

You don't need to buy a shaving cream specified for a specific gender, as they are pretty much all the same. The main difference can be the price as well as the scent of the shaving cream. Ideally, you should choose a shaving creme with fewer fragrances and chemicals that could irritate your skin. This is particularly important for shaving more sensitive areas. If you don't wish to use shaving cream, you can substitute with a hair conditioner. Stay away from using shampoo as this will dry out your skin.

Choosing a Razor

You may have to do some experimenting to find a razor that you like and works for you. Don't get hung up on what gender the razor blades are marketed towards. Like shaving cream, there isn't a lot of functional difference between them. If you find a razor that you find comfortable and gets the job done, that's all that really matters.

It's important that check your razor blades regularly before shaving. Shaving with a dull blade increases your risk of nicks, razor burn, and causing ingrown hairs. Always be sure to have a sharp and unclogged razor.

It's also important that you don't share razor blades with other people. You may be susceptible to getting Hepatitis C from a used blade of someone who has Hep C.

Shave the Hair the Proper Way... for the Hair

How you should shave will vary depending on what area of the body you are shaving. Our body produces different kinds of hair in different areas. The hair will vary in thickness and growth rate. These things will also be impacted by your history of shaving. You need to shave in the way that is most effective for the type of hair growth.

In areas where the hair may be more coarse, such as the face, it is better to shave in the direction of the hair growth (with the grain). Doing this will give you a cleaner shave with less chance of the coarse hair being pulled by the razor.

In areas where the hair is more fine, shaving with the grain is unlikely to get all the hair. It will simply push the hair downwards without cutting it. Fine hair must be shaved in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Doing it this way will make the razor push the hair up before connecting with the blade.

Moisturizing After Shaving

Shaving can make the skin more sensitive, so it's a good idea to allow your skin some time to breathe before adding any moisturizer to it. How long you should let the skin breathe will depend on the area of the body, but it doesn't need to be longer than half an hour.

Moisturizing after shaving can help the skin feel smooth and recover after the exfoliation of shaving. It's always best to choose a moisturizer with few chemicals or heavy fragrances, particularly for around the genitals.

Shave If Shaving Makes You Feel Sexy

You should be the expert on what makes you feel sexy. How much hair you remove should be a reflection of what you find appealing. You only need to shave if it's what makes you feel good about you. Don't be afraid to explore what makes you feel good and empowered.

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