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by aaliyapatel 2 months ago in makeup

The Perfect Bridal Makeup

You will be stunning on the most important day in your life with a beautiful bridal outfit, jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup. It is important to plan your bridal makeup carefully. You can make or break your look so it is crucial to do trial before the big day. Failure to plan can result in major makeup mistakes, stress, and chaos. You need to plan your makeup ahead of time to make sure your big day runs smoothly and without any confusion. How do you do this? Scroll down to learn more. If you want the best makeup kit for your wedding visit LakmeIndia.

1. Think about your theme/traditions

Makeup should be in sync with your wedding theme. You should coordinate your makeup with the theme and location of your beach wedding. You should also ensure that your wedding dress and makeup complement each other. Before you buy/decide on your makeup look, make sure to take the time to think about all of these factors.

2. Bengali Bridal Makeup

When thinking about bridal makeup, you should also consider that Indian weddings are all about traditions. Therefore, the makeup for your bridal makeup will differ based on these aspects. A south Indian bride's bridal makeup may look very different to a Bengali one. A Bengali bride's bridal makeup is the main focus of her look. Therefore, it is important to find an expert to help you create the perfect look.

3. Maintain a budget

Planning is essential. This means setting a budget and preparing a budget. You should set aside money for the makeup that you purchase and for the services of your makeup artist. To discuss your skin and what kind of makeup will suit you, meet the artist beforehand. To find the perfect shade of lipstick, foundation or other makeup products, it is a good idea to go makeup shopping with your artist.

4. Bridal Makeup Artists

Ask the artist for photos of previous work and if possible, take a look at several bridal looks by different makeup artists. A trial session is essential if the artist's specialty is Christian bridal makeup. Do not hesitate to ask for one. Don't be afraid to ask for one. This is the most important day in your life. Do your research, and then find someone you feel comfortable with. You can also ask a friend or makeup artist who has exceptional makeup skills to help make you look your best.

5. Take into account the makeup type

Heavy makeup will be worn for long periods of time. The moisture, spotlights and moisture can quickly melt the makeup that you have spent hours creating. There are so many traditions and rituals that go along with each other, there isn't much time to take a break or touch up your makeup between them. Make sure you only buy waterproof makeup that will last until the end. Eye makeup should be purchased with care. One or two emotions can ruin a perfect smokey look in seconds. Don't rub it off if you feel irritable or teary-eyed.

6. Take it easy with the color

Pick a few colors that match your outfit and stay with them. You will look like a disco dancer if you choose too many vibrant colours. This is not a good look for a wedding. You can stand out with a striking eyeshadow shade and a chic lip colour, but you shouldn't make your face look like a rainbow.

7. Be aware of what you are comfortable with

Don't buy a particular makeup product or tool if you aren't comfortable using it. Falsies can cause severe irritation in brides. It is important to know the sensitive skin of your skin before you go to the wedding to discuss your allergies and skin conditions. It's not a good idea to have rashes or skin irritations on your wedding day or in the days that follow. Even if you are convinced by your makeup artist, it is your wedding day. You need to feel comfortable wearing the same outfit for long periods of time.

8. Keep extra time in hand

Because you want perfection, bridal makeup can take at least two hours. You should make sure you have plenty of time. Make sure to call your makeup artist at the least three hours before your big day. Last-minute changes can occur: your lips might change, your cat eye may go wrong, or your hair might not set properly. Consider where you will be getting ready. Will it be at the salon, at home, or at the venue? This will help you plan for how long it will take.

9. Remember cameras

There will be many cameras to capture every angle. We aren't trying to make you aware, but we recommend that you take photos during your trial bridal makeup sessions to show how the makeup looks on film. It doesn't matter if it is a photo or a digital one, it will help you and your makeup artist to see what needs to be changed. Also, consider the time of your wedding. You may look drab if you get married on a day with lots of natural light. Foundations that have an SPF factor can look chalky in photos. Instead, apply matte sunscreen to your skin and then cover it with foundation if you plan to go out in the sun.

10. Refer to your phone's manual for more information

Make sure you are doing your research before you start to create a makeup look. Although you may have done a trial, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Make sure to have three references and ask your makeup artist/makeup expert for advice on the best makeup products that will match your eye color, eye shape, and other factors.

11. Ask for a free makeup trial

All of these factors might have led you to realize the importance and necessity of scheduling a makeup trial at least a day in advance. This will ensure that nothing happens last-minute. If your makeup artist doesn't offer one, insist on a trial makeup session and use this day to make mistakes. Tag your bridesmaids to help you choose the best look. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid making major decisions on your bridal makeup for the big day.


  • Unless they are a close friend, keups artists usually charge for a trial of makeup or hair. To avoid any confusion, make sure you understand the terms.
  • It is important that you consider your preferences and likes when you are planning your wedding. Tell your MUA what features you would like to improve and which ones you want to conceal. It is a great time to talk about your skin and what makeup suits you best.
  • There are many different techniques for making makeup, but most brides prefer HD makeup or airbrush. Ask your MUA if you are unsure about the differences.
  • Your MUA might have different ideas, so it doesn't matter if you want a Punjabi or Maharashtrian look for your bridal makeup. Use Pinterest and other websites as references to help you get some insight.
  • To test if your look is cohesive, you can wear your wedding outfit and jewelry at the trial.
  • You will need a dupatta and saree drapes to complete your look.
  • You should plan the trial so that you can test your makeup both indoors and outdoors in natural daylight before finalizing the look.
  • Although it is fine to envision your makeup in a particular way, your MUA has a lot more experience so she can experiment. You never know, she might offer you something better than you imagined.
  • It is important to keep your hair and eyebrows well groomed as your wedding approaches. Don't wait until the last week of your wedding to do your eyebrows or upper lips. These things will make all the difference at your trial. No matter how fast your hair grows, it is important to schedule regular grooming appointments.
  • This is the perfect time to have fun with your bridesmaids.
  • The trial session is important because you want your MUA to know exactly what you are looking for. If you aren't happy with the way your makeup looks, don't be afraid to let them know. This is the right time to be totally honest.
  • Have you ever been suggested by your makeup artist to try something new? Falsies, for example? It's up to you to decide if it feels right for you. Ask your MUA for alternatives.
  • Don't forget to get a hair test while you're at the salon. If you are trying out a South Indian bridal makeup, your MUA will likely put hair extensions on to give you the traditional long braid. You can always try a bun if it isn't comfortable.
  • Do not rush to remove the makeup after the session. It should be left on for a while. Take pictures at different angles and lighting. Pay attention to details. Does it leave a white cast? Do the foundation colours match your skin tones?


  • Do not keep too much time between your trial and your wedding. You may become confused if you wait more than one month between your trial and your wedding. Your skin is subject to a lot of changes, so the longer you wait the better.
  • While your MUA may be the expert on what will work best for you, you still have some control. It is your wedding! You can communicate your preferences to her in a specific way.
  • Many of us have naturally beautiful skin. Don't ruin your natural beauty by applying heavy makeup to make it look more special. You can enhance your features with contouring and stunning lipstick.
  • Deepika Padukone & Anushka Sharma have shared the latest trends in Indian bridal makeup. It's important to keep in style, but it might not match your outfit. To balance the look, keep the lips bare and use heavy eye makeup.
  • Your girl gang's duty is to assist you in making the right decision. Don't let them mislead you. There will be more confusion and chaos if there are more people present at the trial. You should only take close relatives and friends you can trust.
  • You can have a little sparkle at your wedding, but not too much. You can make your face look oily and reflect flash lights, which could ruin your precious photos. Make sure that shimmer is not used by your MUA on your face.
  • You probably didn't choose the right person if your MUA focuses only on your face, and totally forgets about your neck and other areas. To ensure a flawless complexion, a good makeup artist will pay attention to your neck, jawline, collar bones, neck, and back. If your MUA does not focus on these areas, mention it at the trial.



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