How to Improve Your Physical Appearance

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How to Improve Your Physical Appearance

We all must deal with the hand we’ve been dealt as far as looks go, which, as we all know, is not a fair distribution. There are several things you can do to improve your visual appearance that do not involve extreme plastic surgery. Focusing on what you can with regards to your looks lets you dictate your own visual narrative.


Clothes definitely influence what you think of yourself and what others think of you, so consider updating your wardrobe as the first step to improving yourself. Wearing clothes that are in style with the correct fit and color may require you to rethink what you put on each morning. The adage about dressing for success means to dress for the job that you want to have, not the job you have now. Powerful people generally wear flattering clothes of good quality. This does not mean that you have to start over from scratch (an expensive proposition), but you can certainly take the time to find out what colors work best with your skin tone and purchase a few key pieces that won’t make you look washed out. In addition, experts recommend adding classic pieces to your wardrobe and getting them expertly tailored so that the hem lines are exactly where they need to be on you personally (not the mannequin). Adding a few trendy items each season like white platform sneakers or a bright floral print will keep you in style without breaking the bank.


Very few of us have perfect features, but one area that you should not overlook for improving your appearance is your teeth. People with straight teeth are perceived as smarter, more attractive and better educated, so it’s important for not only making a good first impression on a date or job interview, but also your self-esteem. It’s never too late to take care of crooked teeth, and now there are more options for braces than there were when you were a teenager. If your teeth have already been straightened (thanks, mom and dad), consider if they might need some professional whitening. You deserve a healthy sparkly smile. It’s worth the investment because your smile improves your appearance, and you can wear it every single day of your life.


Some women pay big money to get a manicure every week, and that’s okay. Nice nails are, well, nice! But it’s not necessary to get acrylic nails or nails painted to highlight the upcoming holiday unless that makes you happy. Simply spending a little time with your nails to cut them and file them evenly makes a big difference to your appearance. You don’t need a manicurist to cut out your cuticles. You just need to pay your hard-working hands a little attention. When your hands are looking really good, it’s totally acceptable to add a few rings to highlight their appearance.


Something else that needs your attention is your hair. There is no need for a $250 cut and color job every six weeks, but your hair shouldn’t look like something a bird might nest in. Ask around for a moderately priced stylist who can help you find a look that flatters your face. It’s hard to work against the coloring Mother Nature gave you, so instead of fighting it, work with your hair color. It’s less expensive to add highlights or gloss to your natural color than to go from a brunette to a blonde or vice-versa. Work with what you have been given for a more natural look that is easier to maintain and healthier for your hair overall.

Probably the best way to improve your visual appearance is with your attitude. People who are confident and secure in themselves show it on their face and in their stance whether they look like a model or not. You can improve your attitude through visualization, a gratitude journal, encouraging self-talk or a combination of the three, and changing your attitude is the cheapest but most difficult change to achieve. It’s worth the work, though, as the final piece of the puzzle of what people see when they look at you.

Kari Oakley
Kari Oakley
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