How To Get A Tattoo In Rome

While Rome has many tattoo artists and shops, not all of them are on par;

How To Get A Tattoo In Rome

While Rome has many tattoo artists and shops, not all of them are on par; some are just a waste of time and would not give you an efficient service. Since tattoos are somewhat permanent and can stick for a very long time, you don't need anyone to mess up your tattoo idea. Thus, if you want to get a tattoo in Rome, there are several factors you need to check before deciding to have your tattoo done in a shop. These factors would help you distinguish the great tattoo shops from risky ones.


The first thing you need to check in a Tattoo shop is its level of cleanliness. It just has to be completely sterile and clean and not the environment alone. All the tools needed to give you a great tattoo, such as the tubes and needles, should be clean, high quality, and disposable. If some tools are multiple-use and not new or disposable, you make sure the studio has sterilizing equipment like autoclave to disinfect, sterilize, and test them.

The Structure, Layout, and Design of the Studio

The designs and graphic images of a studio determine a lot about the tattoo artists' imagination and ability. The way the studio is structured also goes a long way in deciding whether you will get a nice tattoo there or not.

Check the walls of the studio. Is it filled with disorganized pictures? Does it look like the artist does not have time to organize the posters on the studio walls or does not have good taste in choosing colors? If so, you should only expect an average of even fair result from the artist.

If you are looking for a top-notch service instead or want to get a high level, complex or advanced tattoo, you should look for studios with organized wall posters like tattoo gallery display, drawings, paintings, etc.

One such tattoo shop rome that features a nicely designed studio is Studio Aureo. The studio operates jointly with a contemporary art gallery where you will find several of their impressive canvasses and breathtaking paintings.

The Shop Artist(s)

How do the studio artists rub off to you? Are they professional, understanding, and see confident? Your tattoo is a big part of your life decisions because it will likely last forever. You surely don't want it to be handled by a quack artist. Ensure you spend a few hours with the artist to understand them, know their capabilities, and pass your tattoo ideas to them.

A great artist should be able to build on your ideas and give you an excellent result. Connecting with your artist makes the tattoo process easier and faster. Not only will you get an exciting experience, but the outcome would also be great. At Studio Aureo, you will find skilled and understanding artists ready to work with you and help you create images that best fit your tattoo ideas.

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