How to Clean Your Makeup Sponge

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How to Clean Your Makeup Sponge

The importance of hygiene in all areas of life cannot be overemphasized. One cannot simply overlook the fact that lack of sanitation and use of uncleaned products can cause a lot of diseases. Same goes for makeup accessories. While we all love to try out new makeup every now and then and buy the makeup accessories which come along with it, not many of us are keen on keeping them clean. It is highly important that you clean your makeup accessories and try not to share them with anyone else, because if you do so, you’ll end up catching a contagious disease, infection or virus the person whom you lent your makeup tools to carries. An infected eye using your mascara can cause you the same infection. To keep your eyes, mouth, and face free of infections, keep your makeup tools clean and to yourself only. Following the same thought, yesterday I decided to clean my makeup brushes, compact puffs & beauty blenders. I searched online and came across a lot of helpful tutorials. After washing and cleaning my makeup accessories, I thought of sharing these steps with others too so that they may benefit as well. These steps are given below. They are very easy to follow and simple to remember.

  1. Fill a bowl with water: First of all, you’ll need to fill a bowl with water, just enough to cover all of your puffs and beauty blenders.
  2. Heat the water: Next you need to microwave this bowl of water for 30-45 seconds so that it becomes slightly warm.
  3. Pour in the cleaning agent: Now add a small quantity, just enough to create a soapy feeling, of any kind of shampoo, body wash, face wash, hand wash or shower gel that you have available.
  4. Soak the puffs, blenders, and brushes in this mixture: Dip all your puffs and make-up brushes in this water for 30-40 seconds so that the make-up remnants can loosen up and come off easily.
  5. Scrub & Rinse: Start gently cleaning and scrubbing the tools one by one with your fingers. Keep rinsing them after every two to three strokes of gentle scrubbing. This way the dirt will come off easily.
  6. Repeat: Once you are done, you should repeat the steps as many times as you wish or until you are satisfied.
  7. Let it dry: After you have cleaned the puffs, blenders and makeup brushes to your heart's desire, take them out of water. Rinse them in clean tap water and wipe them off with a paper towel and let them dry completely.

In my case, the dirt started to come off immediately and the water turned into a peachy orange liquid. So, after scrubbing the puff once and rinsing it, I decided to change the water and repeat all steps to get a cleaner puff. This whole process took hardly five to seven minutes. The picture I have attached here is that of a cleaned puff. I was really satisfied with my cleaning session, and let me tell you, I haven’t had small pimples, which I was getting every single time I used my compact puff, since the day I have cleaned my makeup tools. So I would highly recommend anyone reading this article to clean their makeup tools and accessories too if they haven’t until now. Clean and clear skin is way sexier than damaged skin loaded with makeup bases to hide all the damage done by our negligence towards maintaining the hygiene of our beauty products and accessories. I hope this article helps at least someone out there, and if it does, please don’t forget to share it with others too.

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