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How To Apply False Eyelashes Professionally

by Sachin Verma 12 months ago in how to
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Best Hack To Apply False Eyelashes

How To Apply False Eyelashes Professionally
Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash

When I was modeling it was the norm to wear false eyelashes. At first it was difficult but, as they, say practice makes perfect. I felt perfectly natural walking down the street with top and bottom falsies and heavy pancake foundation.


However, today the more dramatic look is back and anything goes but just take care to get it right. You can take your choice from fur to synthetic eyelashes. I have learned lots of tricks to apply fake eyelashes while working in Miss Glam Up and I will reveal my secret. Go and try.

Before Applying False Eyelashes

You will need: small scissors, free standing magnifying mirror, eyelash glue, tweezers such as Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Black and eyeliner or eye shadow brush with a small round clean end, a small piece of aluminium foil or similar and a tooth pick.

How to Apply False Eyelashes


Consider the look you want to achieve. Eyelashes come as either a full set to provide a dramatic and glamorous look, ideal for evening, small clumps which are applied to the outer edge of your lid for a subtle understated but well groomed look or as individual lashes to infill spaces and give a lighter look. They came in different shades so a natural look to match your own lash color is possible.

They should be trimmed to the length you need. This can be to match your existing length or to give added length and thickness for that ultra glam look. Some sets of false lashes may be a right or left side, the outsides being fuller, so try not to forget to check this out.

Carefully clean the areas around the eyes, paying particular attention to the upper lids and corners and making sure that all traces of makeup are removed.

Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the foil and, holding the eyelash set in one hand, dip the end of the tooth pick into the glue. Then dab the glue in dots along the base but using sparingly. Wait a few moments and then, looking down into the mirror, place the lashes as close to your own as possible, following the natural curve along its length. Adjust using tweezers or finger tips while the glue is still pliable.

Follow thesame routine with the clumps, starting at the outer corners until you achieve the effect you want.. The same goes for the individual lashes.

Removing False Eyelashes

Use makeup remover or a cotton pad soaked in warm water. If you have difficulty put a little vaseline/petroleum jelly on the base of the lashes and wait until they become loose. Its very tempting to just pull them off but you may pull some of your own lashes out at the same time.

After use, soak the lashes in an eye cleansing product until worn again.


Apply a dark liner to the eyelash line to make the effect more natural.

Small clumps of false lashes trimmed to your natural eyelash length and applied spaced out along the lid can give a natural but very effective look, particularly for day time wear.

The Natural or False Lash Look?

Well ! I know I used to smother myself top and bottom with false lashes, but nowadays that’s the last thing on my mind when I get dolled up for an evening out.

I want the ‘au naturel’ look, understated with hopefully a hint of youthful bloom left.

Of course I will be wearing my full face armour only less obviously and its not so easy to look natural I can tell you.

  • Choosing the right foundation cream or powder for your skin
  • Making the best color choice in eye shadow
  • Definitely using only moisturizing mascara
  • Just a slick of nude lipstick or gloss
  • A light sweep of color on the cheeks
  • False eyelashes are a pain

OK, I did used to be able to put them on in a jiffy, but now I want to be up and off in a jiffy.

I really must remember I’m not a model anymore. I can look like I want. No agent to criticize me for not wearing the latest celebrity look. No makeup artist to maul my skin, no hairdresser to drag my hair into wretched tied up styles.

I am free of all that

I still might get out of bed for $10,000 a day for the odd shoot though but that’s the only time you will ever catch me wearing false eyelashes.

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