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Things to Know Before Having a Second Baby

by Sachin Verma 10 months ago in children
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Things to Know Before Having a Second Baby
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

This is definitely a matter of great joy that you are planning for having a second baby. You may know better how hard it is to be a mother and maybe you are getting afraid of the second one. Well, this is definitely hard and there is no doubt about it. But there are lots of things that you should do before having your second kid. These crucial things will make your journey easy and also soulful throughout the journey. Let's know what you should know before having your second kid.

#1 You need to get out of the house: Well, this is very clear that you are exhausted due to the household chores along with taking care of your baby. If you are deciding to have another baby in this condition, things will be more complex for you. So, first, you should think of yourself. You should step out of the house and relax. It will help you to get the fresh mind that is the thing you need for the new challenges and also encourage you for the time you are going to have with a new baby.

#2 Multitasking is your new normal: Well, you should know that multitasking will be your regular doing after having the second kid. Suppose you are playing with the little one and the big one needs you to help him in his study. You should be available for both in this case. In fact, you may have to do both tasks at the same time. This will happen to you every day and you have to get used to it.

#3 Keep your friends close: Well when you are finally pregnant for the second time, you should do this thing for sure. You need to maintain a good relationship with your friends and close relatives. You never know when you need help and they are the people who will help you in odd situations. So, keep good relations with them and inform them that they have to help you when you need them. Keep a list of their contact numbers close to you so that you can call them in an emergency.

#4 Get in some important reading: Well, reading books is the most beneficial habit in pregnancy, especially when it is your second time. Books are great sources of knowledge that give mom smart ideas regarding how she should behave with her child, how she should raise two children at the same time and also fruitfully. There are lots of helpful books you will get in the shop and also online. You can also buy some books for your older kid to make him know how he should interact with the newborn. It will help to create a caring and good relationship between siblings.

#5 Your older child is not the babysitter: After birthing the second kid, you should not think for a second that your older child is a babysitter. You should not leave the newborn to your older kid for a single minute. He is also a kid and can do anything unpleasant with the newborn. He may give something harmful to the baby's mouth. He may think he is sharing with his sibling. But it could be something dangerous for the health of the baby. So, try to keep the baby to any adult person in your house. If there is not any, try to do your household work when the baby is sleeping.

#6 It's okay to split up: If you are feeling tough to raise both the child's equally, don't spend much time like this. You should give the elder one to the day-home acre where he will get the best care and also the attention he needs now. In the meantime, you will also be able to care for your younger child more than before. This is not a matter of shame that you're keeping your elder baby away from you. You are doing it for his betterment for sure.

Having the second is equally exciting as the first one. But it could be a bit challenging. So, you should know how to help this situation even before you are pregnant. Considering all the things above, you should decide whether you should get a second baby or not.


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