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How big is the impact of exposed nostrils on girls?

Which let a glimpse of beauty is not a picturesque eyebrows, bright eyes and white teeth?

By Egg LemmonPublished 5 months ago 7 min read
How big is the impact of exposed nostrils on girls?
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Which makes a glimpse of beauty not picturesque eyebrows, bright eyes, and white teeth? Once thought that the collapse of the nose already very affects the face until I met the nostrils exposed, only to know how naive before.

From ancient times to the present, beauty is either well-groomed or feminine, but it is difficult to have the arrogance to "look at people with nostrils". Today to save the face ruined by nostril exposure, girls with large nostrils also deserve to have a beautiful ~

[a] do not underestimate the nostril exposure, than the collapse of the nose also affects the face value

>>Why are exposed nostrils so terrible?

(A reason) nostrils exposed easily to show fierce and old

Nostrils are exposed easily to show fierce and old

Why is everyone saying that exposed nostrils are worse than a collapsed nose? Until you look at these comparisons: exposed nostrils are too aggressive and old!

Liu Jialing and Cecilia Cheung also have delicate three-dimensional features exist, but with exposed nostrils Liu Jialing looks more menacing, often making people ignore her beauty, while Cecilia Cheung is more gentle and aging.

(Reason two) nostrils exposed will strengthen the five senses of blunt

The nostrils are exposed and even make the original delicate features rough and full of bluntness. Song Yeon Kary is a typical representative of nostril exposure, too abrupt nose, so her original delicate eyebrows also have a few more blunt senses.

The same is true of Zhang Yixi, whose nostrils are not exposed, and her features are relatively more delicate and beautiful. Now you know how terrible nostril exposure is, right?

(Reason 3) makes the face look flat and also shows the mouth convex

What's worse, exposed nostrils can also make the middle of the face sunken and flat, and if it is accompanied by a collapsed nose, it can even turn into a convex mouth.

The nostril flare is usually caused by a short nasal column, short nose, or short nose, which visually shrinks back, compared to the lip curvature will become obvious, the face will also become flat, it is simply the "culprit" that affects the face!

>>How to save the nostrils exposed? Focus on makeup and hair

But we don't have to over-demonize the nostrils, don't forget that we have the two "secret weapons" of makeup and hairstyle~

With hairstyles to modify the shortcomings of the face and face, find the focus of makeup and the right way to fix the appearance, the nostrils can be turned into a delicate three-dimensional small nose.

[2] Girls with exposed nostrils should also be beautiful, "rescue action" is arranged quickly

<First>Find out the root cause of exposed nostrils and prescribe the right remedy

(Root cause 1) The nose is shorter than the nose, forming a "skyward nose"

However, before taking action, you have to find out what kind of reason you have for your nostrils to be exposed. The most common one is the skyward nose caused by a short nasal head and an abnormal nose.

This type of nose will visually turn upward and expose the nostrils. Many beautiful women, such as Han Jim Re, Tan Song Yuan, etc. are this nose type Oh ~

(Root 2) The long nose and short nose, the side exposed nostrils

If the nose is too long, but the nose is short, it will also cause the nostrils to be exposed. This nose shape is not obvious when the nostrils are exposed on the front, but the defect will be obvious on the side.

The nostril flare caused by a long nose will also be more aggressive, so if you want to become gentle, you can't do without the appropriate grooming techniques~.

(Root cause 3) Thick nose and short nasal column, showing large nostrils

The last one is due to the short nasal column that connects the nose to the middle of the person, or the natural nasal wings are thick and the nostrils are largely causing the exposure.

If you usually have nostrils, frequent touching your nose and other bad habits will also cause the nostrils to be exposed yo ~ acquired.

<Second>How to fix exposed nostrils with makeup and hair, these tips should be concerned

Technique 1: Use nasal shadow to modify nostril exposure, different types of different techniques

① "skyward" type nostril exposure: both sides of the shadow + root highlights

Once you know exactly what kind of nostril exposure you have, you can "prescribe" the right remedy to fix it!

For a skyward nose, sweep the shadows on the wings of the nose and use the highlights on the t-zone and the root of the nose to increase the visual length of the bridge and shorten the nose, so that the nose can become refined.

②"Long nose" type with exposed nostrils: under nose shadow + nasal highlighting

If you have a long nose but a short nose, you should focus your highlight on the nose and the root of the nose to compensate for the lack of length of the nose.

Sweep the highlight on the tip of the nose to make the nose straight, and sweep the shadow on the nasal pillar, so that the nostrils will not be so obvious.

③ "Fat" nostril exposure: U-shape shadow + highlighting repair method

If you have a fat nose or large nostrils, the "U" shaping method, which can be mastered by novices, is the most hassle-free option.

If you don't know how to do makeup, you can sweep the highlights in the red line and the shadows outside the red line, and remember to make the transition to the edge natural, so the big nose can be "changed"!

Tip 2: Try to choose light lipstick for exposed nostrils to weaken the presence of nose and lips

In addition to using highlights and shadows to directly modify the nose, using lipstick to shift the visual focus is also the key. Do sisters look at big red lips and light lips that are more magnified defects?

When lipstick is dark, it will put the focus on the nose and lips, and the nostrils will naturally be more visible. Therefore, try to choose a light lipstick with low brightness or low saturation to cover up the flaws of the exposed nostrils.

Tip 3: Choose strong eyebrows + strong eye makeup for exposed nostrils to strengthen the eyebrows and eyes

The same technique of weakening the exposed nostrils by shifting the visual focus can also be used in eyebrow and eye makeup. If your nostrils are exposed, choose thick or thick eyebrows than fine eyebrows, which are more attractive.

At the same time, you can also deepen the eyeliner, and eye shadow, paste false eyelashes, and other ways to enlarge the eyes, focus on the eye makeup, as well as a good effect.

Tips 4: Stay away from bangs and thick bangs, hairstyle focus on the top

The last plus point of makeup is the hair. The bangs and thick bangs are a minefield, do not choose!

Even if the five features are already delicate Song Yeon Kary chooses Qi bangs sight, will also focus on the nose and face in the more obvious defects. Choose more light air bangs or side distribution to disperse the attention to the nose, which is the right open.

[Three] timely stop, these bad habits that affect the nose shape should be corrected

"One" to change: the bad habit of digging nostrils, easy to become large nostrils

For sisters who already have exposed nostrils, makeup, and hairstyle modification are necessary. Sisters who do not yet have obvious nostril exposure or do not want to be more "aggravated", we must change some bad habits that will form big nostrils Oh ~.

The first thing that needs to be abandoned is nostril picking. Nostrils dig, not only does the nose collapse, nostrils become larger, but also super affects the image, which is completely undesirable.

"Two" to change: often touch the nose, easy to become garlic nose

Often touching the nose with your hands, will also affect the degree of beauty of the nose. Want to become beautiful, you must first "control the hands".

Most of the bacteria on the hands often touch the nose, which will make the nose more prone to oil and acne, over time, blackheads, acne, and garlic nose will come to the door!

"Three" to change: the habit of opening the mouth "mouth breathing", easy to become convex mouth big nose

Mouth breathing is also a point that needs attention. Long-term use of mouth breathing will lead to chin recession, upper jaw protrusion, convex mouth, large nose, nostril exposure, and even a double chin will also appear.

If you can't control it when you sleep, you can also change your bad habits by putting your tongue on your palate and wearing a mouth-breathing correction device.

[Epilogue] Reshape your nose with makeup and hairstyle, and you will not be afraid of exposed nostrils

With the right makeup and hair styling techniques, even the nostrils that are worse than a collapsed nose can be easily solved, so you won't be afraid of your nose affecting your face anymore!

It is proven that as long as you want to become beautiful, nothing can be a barrier. Sisters with exposed nostrils can finally welcome their "spring", so hurry up and take action!

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