Hair Dryer: Pros and Cons

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Well-groomed hair is an important element of an image. There is a widespread myth in the beauty industry that hair dryers spoil curls, they become dry and brittle. Is it real, or can you regularly use a hair dryer, maintaining the beauty and health of hair?

Hair Dryer: Pros and Cons

Opponents of the device claim that its use is harmful, and it is much more useful to dry the strands in a natural way. At the same time, few of us did not smile at their reflection in the mirror after professional styling, done with a hair dryer, but with the hands of a master. Experts say that you should not blame the device for all troubles. Many causes spoil the condition of the strands, these include:

  • chronic diseases;
  • climatic conditions;
  • use of inappropriate cosmetics;
  • lack of vitamins.

Hair Dryer Pros

The main advantage of thermal drying is the speed of the procedure. In certain situations, you cannot do without a saving device—you just get a cold when you go out into the cold season of Vancouver with a wet head after a pool. It is worth noting other advantages of using a hairdryer.

  • You can easily create different styles.
  • Hair dried in this way is not as confused, as with natural drying (especially if you go to bed with a wet head, you can find a real “nest” instead of a haircut in the morning).
  • The hair dryer can have an ionization function, it reduces the static charge, makes the strands more silky and docile.

Hair Dryer Cons

In thermal drying, it is really possible to identify a number of negative factors.

  • Severe overheating; regular exposure to high temperatures over time can weaken curls, degrade their color and reduce volume.
  • High air flow rate; strongly hitting the air stream, the hair dryer can cause hair stratification, as a result of which they will strongly split.

A hair dryer can still worsen the condition of hair, but do not send it to the trash. If you choose a quality device and correctly use it, following all the recommendations, you will minimize the possible negative consequences. In addition, the popular natural drying also has its own nuances that you need to know and take into account.

How to Dry Hair

With proper treatment, the negative effects of frequent use of the hair dryer will be minimized. The main thing is to follow some recommendations of specialists.
  • Do not rush to dry wet hair immediately after the bath—wrap your head with a warm towel for 15 minutes so that they dry up a bit and stop being so vulnerable.
  • Choose medium and low temperatures, since overheating is very harmful.
  • Do not hold the device for a long time in one place, you need to hold each strand from root to tip.
  • Carry out the procedure at a considerable distance from the hair, preferably 40 cm;
  • Do not wait for complete drying, leave the curls a little wet.
  • Choose high-quality products with different temperatures and other useful features.

Is It True That Hair Dryers Are Harmful to Hair?

A study by US scientists has shown that this is a myth. Using a hairdryer is less risky than doing without it. Because when our hair dries in a natural way, we do not control this process. And if you dry them properly, the harm may be greater than when using a hairdryer.

When any drying hair undergoes stress, wet hair swells, loses thin proteins, while it is easy to damage by rough handling. Another thing is when using a hair dryer, if, of course, it is of high quality, they can be dried carefully, competently, and most importantly, you can choose the right temperature, then the hair structure will not suffer. Too high temperatures are really harmful.

It must be remembered that a rough impact on wet hair is very undesirable. What should not be done is to go to bed with unexpressed hair, so that not only the look of the hairstyle but even worse, the condition of the hair, its structure, does not deteriorate. In this case, before going to bed, a hairdryer will be just the way. After all, rubbing the hair with a towel after washing is also impossible. You need to slightly blot them with a soft towel, then dry it with a hairdryer.

With regular use of the hair dryer, it is recommended to use protective cosmetics and rinse hair after washing with herbal infusions.

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My name is Amelia, and I work in freelance as a digital manager, occasionally write iGaming reviews, and do some travel blogging on the side. Since starting working in freelance, my rhythm of life slowed down a lot and I stopped using hairdryer whatsoever, only on very rare occasions. I noticed the perks of such hair routine, however, I decided to look into this discussion to find the answer for myself and share it with others.

Amelia Flynn
Amelia Flynn
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