Amelia Flynn

Born and want to live a long life here in Vancouver, Canada. I studied at SFU and I love online computer games. I work freelance, and thanks to that, I can travel and play games, observe them, and then blog about it. Dreamlife as it is.

Hair Dryer: Pros and Cons
19 hours ago
Opponents of the device claim that its use is harmful, and it is much more useful to dry the strands in a natural way. At the same time, few of us did not smile at their reflection in the mirror after...
Modern Dilemma of Vaping in Office
7 days ago
Recently, the newfangled thing—the electronic cigarette—has gotten more and more attention to attract fans to drag on tobacco. Some consider it a less harmful alternative to a regular cigarette, some ...
How Music Affects Your Productivity
a month ago
Since today most of the work is done using a computer, music is a good way to diversify routine work. But the question remains the same: can music affect our productivity?
How to Work from Home: 20 Tips on How to Do It Successfully
a month ago
In remote work, everything is fine; ranging from the ability to sleep a little longer, ending with a flexible schedule allowing you a short trip to Quebec or Alberta, and being in a comfortable atmosp...
Top 10 Things to See and Do in Kahnawake and Nearby
a month ago
Are you fascinated by the vibrant Mohawk culture and are interested in understanding the locals? You will fall in love with Kahnawake—a truly unusual and breathtaking place to visit. Kahnawake is a Na...
Easy Snack Food Recipes If You Are in a Rush
2 months ago
Having friends over is a great thing, but what to do if they are going to come around literally in half an hour, and you have lots of food in the fridge, but there is absolutely no time left for cooki...