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Grasp the tail of summer, playful and lively vest with short sleeves, must be worn by girls

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By jasonbmedi KhfPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Seize the tail of summer and be beautiful wantonly. "vest + short sleeves" quickly put on, such a playful and lively wear, it is really very good-looking. Like gorgeous and eye-catching clothes, you might as well try such a combination.

The vest in summer generally refers to the sleeveless style, or the sling style. The version will also be relatively slim, so it will be more suitable for girls with thin bones. In the daily wear, the sleeved vest, the sling vest, or the I-vest are all particularly eye-catching.

The hot and eye-catching vest, of course, matches the shorts better. When choosing shorts, don't always stick to denim shorts. We can also try these brightly colored shorts to make the overall wear more stylish and eye-catching.

Striped sleeved vest + light blue high waist shorts

Red and blue color matching is fresh and eye-catching. The red and white striped cut-sleeve vest not only shows whiteness, but also has a stronger eye attraction effect. With light blue high-waisted shorts, it gives people a particularly refreshing and stylish sense of beauty.

Striped sleeved vest, with French retro style. With light blue high-waisted shorts, there is a refreshing and bright effect. In particular, loose high-waist shorts, for the waist and hip strong lines, also have a strong cover.

The red-and-white striped cut-sleeve vest is a particularly refreshing and eye-absorbing item. As long as the upper body is relatively thin, the arms are relatively slim girls, can try this style of wear.

Cut-sleeve vest and high-waisted straight shorts, waist and crotch is a kind of fold cutting, with a stronger inclusiveness. At the same time, the embellishment of the black belt also outlines a stronger sense of hierarchy.

Ice silk vest + bud shorts

Wear clothes in summer, want to be more refreshing and eye-catching. Must match the ice silk fabric vest, the refreshing ice silk vest, both has the certain self-cultivation effect, wears also will not be particularly muggy.

Ice silk vest, paired with high-waisted bud shorts, is a more personalized combination of aging. If you wear it like this, the color will be more fresh and soft. The combination of green and yellow is particularly eye-catching with youthful vitality.

When we choose ice silk vest, try to match the relative slimming style. If the style of the ice vest is too loose, it is easy to wear a sloppy feeling.

The combination of ice silk vest and bud shorts is a kind of dress with playful and sweet feeling. Such a light color system, the brightness is relatively high, wearing particularly bright and eye-catching.

Three: sling vest + high waist white shorts

The refreshing sling vest is a very sweet and fashionable item. In the daily wear, this kind of sling vest is more likely to appear in the form of inner lapping. But if the figure is hot, there is a girl who likes to wear refreshing clothes, you can wear it alone.

A refreshing sling vest, coupled with high-waisted white shorts, is a particularly refreshing combination. A refreshing striped T-shirt with high-waisted white shorts, especially fashionable eye attraction. It is also very suitable for hot summer, especially refreshing and generous.

Refreshing striped sling, coupled with high-waisted white shorts, is a neat and versatile combination. The tight and loose design just decorates the straight shoulder lines, and girls with perfect right-angled shoulders can try this match.

Refreshing striped straps, white straight shorts, appropriate looseness can be more natural to cover the hips and show weight. For example, girls with thick waist, wide hip, or fake hip width can try this style.

Four: I vest + bud shorts

The I-vest will reveal the shoulder lines more naturally, which is especially suitable for girls with round shoulders. In particular, this refreshing striped pattern is particularly bright and generous. Black-and-white striped I-vest, with bud shorts, is also refreshing and sweet.

If it is a pear-shaped figure with a narrow top and a wide bottom, you can also try this combination of I-vest and bud shorts. The refreshing I-vest is fashionable and attractive. With high-waisted shorts, it is refreshing and sweet, and the color matching is more Aga retro chic.

The above is the little fashion knowledge shared with you today. I hope it can help more girls who love beauty. Do you think these vests and shorts are beautiful enough? share a little knowledge of fashion every day and pay attention to the cute ones you like.


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