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Frog Prince

Frog Prince

By Brian HallPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

I am not a frog prince, nor an ugly duckling, I am me, a happy little boy of the Han nationality. My name is Jiang Duhui, how, the name is good! Hui is the meaning of "flying up", are "Beijing capital", means "flying up to the capital of Beijing"! I am nine years old and I like playing table tennis very much. My personality is very girly and I like dancing very much. Every time the students dance without me, skipping rope without me. If you ask me what my habit is, I will tell you that I like to watch the sunrise in the morning and the stars in the evening, so that the rain falls on my body and brings me cool. I don't think I'm nine years old, but I have one. It's 35 meters. My high nose, Guo-glyph face, I will be satisfied with the mouth, eyes, eyebrows all package in, my hair is very short, ears are very big, my mother said I was an official like. I have my weaknesses and my strengths. My disadvantage is "write carelessly, do very careless", the advantage is "listen carefully in class, do not make small moves, love to help the elderly and students". But I have corrected my shortcomings now. I also like to make friends, every time when our school starts, there are new students in the class, I will go to talk to them, ask them what is the original school, good grades, if good, I will learn from him, if bad, I will help him. I like lively, school everywhere I run, jumping figure. I am not used to quiet, not a person to review the lessons, not a person to quietly think about what. I love to laugh, and I love to see others smile, because a natural smile can temporarily remove the trouble. I rarely cry, because whenever I want to cry, I will try to stop the tears from falling, others think I am very strong, but in fact my heart is very weak. Friends, would you like to make friends with me?

Once eager for life such as a cascading waterfall, can arouse the splash in the long river of life, also had a desire to walk alone, walk around each let oneself linger, in the time of sudden look back, only to find the life of the most valuable youth spent in the sound of desire. That day, I no longer felt empty. No longer sigh in the greeting of friends, "people like autumn to have a letter. It's like a wet dream!" I know that the pain of life is not having too little, but wanting too much. Because can not achieve the best things in life, every day in the dream, but with the dream is wake up, dream broken. Perhaps tears are not the most painful time, but when you want to cry without tears, to reach the realm of heartbreak. When the youth is eaten away little by little. When life is shrouded in black, we can only live positively. Had a desire to be like Gorky's petrel, that with brave, free, proud. Flying over the vast sea, to find a piece of purity, longing to be in the elegant books, there is an extraordinary freshness and joy in body and mind, ears are the sizzle of incandescent lamp, the rustle of pen and snake, life is like a winding river, rich and passionate melody. Also tired in loneliness melancholy, let the tears of time fall from the corner of his eyes. People. When I grow up, I feel down-to-earth living, impetuous life often indulges myself. Once indulged, it is difficult to recover what should have been obtained and not obtained. Also, many people give themselves time to be alone, because in this way, they can better understand the ups and downs in life, eager to read their desire from others' eyes. The answer, however, is to know nothing about lost time. Always desire to be happy, but do not know that they only have happiness in good things, this is really desire. Let a person's life be spent in pursuit. Then your life will not be filled with more trouble because you want too much.


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