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Fragrance Fanatics: Dossier

Who says you can't have luxury perfumes at the fraction of what they're worth?

By Mikyah HendersonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I can admit one thing, I do like to experiment and branch out when it comes to new trends in the beauty industry. So when I go to my favorite beauty stores and just browse through the many perfumes and colognes, I fall in love with everything but the price. I have only one expensive perfume to claim in my scent collection, Chance by Chanel, and I have always wondered where I could've looked for a cheaper alternative but of the perfume with the same notes.

So here it is, past Christmas, and after all the gift-giving to my loved ones, I knew I need a little gift for myself. So I stumbled upon this fragrance company called Dossier, which is focused on making perfumes, colognes, and even candles that are inspired by very high-end counterparts. The main objective of Dossier, in my opinion, is to give the consumers a choice to try a dupe of a high-end perfume before actually committing to the actual fragrance itself. Being that I am considered a baddie on a budget, I decided to give Dossier a chance.

Before I committed to a purchase I decided to dig into my perfume wishlist. From the Sephora app, I had a few luxury choices from Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb to YSL's Black Opium, but in the end, I decided on finding the inspiration for Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb just to try something soft and floral. Instead of using the scrollbar to search for the right fragrance, all you can do is just type in the name of the luxury fragrance brand that has a Dossier doppelganger. For Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb the inspiration led me to find Gourmand White Flowers which consist of different scent notes:

Top: Bergamont, Green Tea, Freesia, Berries

Middle: White Flowers, Orchids, Rose

Base: Musk, Patchouli, Caramel, Vanilla

Convinced enough with how the scents did correlate with each other, the next thing that I had to look into was the price, and let me say I was surprised. Compared to Flowerbomb at a hefty $165, Gourmand White Flowers retailed for just $29! You see it, a whole $136 difference with just one perfume inspiration! So once I have chosen the scent, I decided to check out and see how shipping and coupons would go for my overall purchase. With the shipping being around a decent $9 for one bottle, but if I were to buy around 3-4 then it's free altogether. I was fine with the cost and even with a single coupon thanks to Honey, I ended up with a total of $26.

The time to wait on my shipment was a good week and then it was deliberation time, is Dossier Nubian Queen Approved?

Once I received the package, I took notice of what was encased in the box. The first thing that I took into consideration is the thank you/ notes card. There was also a little set of instructions on the best way to wear the perfume itself, be it or alone or paired with another fragrance. The sence of the boxing and the fragrance itself was very clean, sleek, and chic to a point that has me question my choice of luxury perfumes. I mean who can beat $29 fragrance that smells just like your favorite perfume?

Wih that being said I decided to do a little test. I have a few perfumes from Bath and Body Works like Chocolate Covered Cherry so I sprayed a little bit on my left wrist and Dossier's White Gourmand Flowers on my right. I noticed that the BBW scent was more heavy smelling in scent while Dossier's was more light and delicate and more appealing. So I went with Dossier for the day and I was surprised. My boyfriend was digging the smell and I was getting compliments leftand right.

Comind down to what I think overall about Dossier,From the starting point of the style and description of the perfume, I find it very appealing in all aspects to which I am not drawn away from a clear and inexpensive fragrance. I would highly recommend any fragrance guru to check out Dossier and I won't be surprised what they may have in store for the future!

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