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Should I wear makeup?

By Elizabeth E.Published 6 years ago 3 min read

Maybe I should wear makeup. I never thought I needed it, but I feel you don't like what you see. Maybe I should pick up a brush and create something new. Would I be enough for you with paint on my face and pink powder on my cheeks? Would I be the kind of girl you'd show off to your friends if I wore more feminine clothes covered in flowers and lace? If my hair were longer, if I had a straight smile, if I flipped my hair back every time I laughed, would I be pretty then?

You're already so perfect. Your face is finely chiseled and your body is god like. All of your friends and all the girls wonder how someone like me is with someone like you. I've never cared about the way I looked before I met you. I feel like a paper bag should be sewn on my face to protect your gorgeous eyes. Maybe I should wear makeup. I'd look like everyone else, a carbon copy completely stripped of my individuality and uniqueness, but then would I be pretty? If I put shiny chalk on my eyelids and thick black chunks on my eyelashes would I be beautiful? If I spent hours in front of the mirror contouring a jawline and fitting myself into a frilly girly top would you say I was hot? Could I be enough for you to to introduce to your parents and be proud?

I want you to look at me the way I look at you. Maybe I'm tired of hearing that I have such a great personality. Maybe I should wear makeup. Dip my brush in skin-colored paint and erase the mistakes and color my eyebrows thick with a small brown pencil. Why can't I be beautiful like all the other girls. Their long blonde hair perfectly straight, showy tops with tight pants, cliché ankle boots, painted faces covering up every last blemish and girly fragrances that linger when they leave. Vanilla, strawberry, mixed berries and rose petals. Would I be a knockout if I did what they did? Would you be able to fall in love with me then? I'm stuck between wanting to be me and wanting to be the me that makes your jaw drop.

All of those girls, they just aren't me. I love oversized shirts with bleach stains splotched over the design and ripped pants with my art painted all over. I love clashing patterns and colors and wearing what makes me feel me, things no one else wears. I can't draw a wing on my eye that's instagram worthy or highlight my face just to enhance a feature that's already pronounced. I can draw art that makes me feel accomplished and enhance my life by doing what I love to do.

Maybe I should wear makeup. Who would I become if I started wearing makeup? I would look just like them and then what would be left? On my days off from work a fresh coat of paint covering my face, tight tops, and tights jeans with shoes that click when I walk on the linoleum, a Pink brand thong tucked inside my cheeks. Would I be pretty then? Would I be hot? If my lips were always plumped up with bubblegum pink lipstick, if every step I took left the scent of sugar cookies in your nose, if I wore clothes that just weren't me, would you love me then? If I did all of this for you, abandon who I am to please your superficial eye, would you finally stay? Could I really be your girlfriend that you walk with hand in hand with face paint and colored lips? Maybe I should wear makeup.


About the Creator

Elizabeth E.

I am a 21 year old here to share and hope that by sharing my stories it helps someone else.

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