Different Ways To Remedy Age Spots

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Many remedies exist to lighten or reduce the effect of these flaws

Different Ways To Remedy Age Spots

Age spots are small dark stains that appear on fair or light-colored skin and are mostly associated with aging. Also known as liver spots or solar lentigines, age spots can emerge on one's face, hands, shoulders, arms, and back. The common cause for age spots is the overproduction of a chemical called melanocytes, a melanin stimulator which causes darkening of the skin. Common in adults over the age of 50, these embarrassing blemishes can affect a person's self-esteem. Often mistaken for cancerous growths, these age spots are rather harmless. Many remedies exist to lighten or reduce the effect of these flaws.

Natural Remedies

Many natural treatments exist to counteract age spots however their effectiveness has not been proven. Aloe vera gel or juice can be applied directly to these dark spots for 30 minutes twice a day, preferably morning and evening before rinsing them off. Alternatively, a little castor oil or freshly squeed lemon juice can be applied with a Q-tip or cotton ball on the spots two times a day. Sliced onions can also be rubbed on the spots twice or thrice daily.

Other more involved recipes include applying vitamin C-rich horseradish paste on the affected areas for 15-minutes a few times a week. The active ingredient in horseradish, glucosinolates, is also known for its antioxidant property. Saturate a cotton ball in a mixture of milk, yogurt, and buttermilk and leave it on the age spots for about 20 minutes once a day.

Taking a daily multivitamin supplement rich in C, D, E, and K, as well as collagen, under the supervision of a medical professional helps replenish the body's needs for healthy youthful skin. Alternatively, eating foods rich in these vitamins and proteins will work as well.

Chemical Remedies

Prescribed creams containing bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, retinoids or mild steroids can be used by strictly following the instruction on the packaging. You should also apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF or sun protection factor in conjunction with these medications. If you have sensitive skin, look out for redness, itching, burning or dryness and stop using them immediately.

If you prefer over the counter medication, look for those with these acids: hydroquinone, glycolic acid, and kojic acid. Like their prescribed counterpart, they come with similar side effects for those with delicate skin.

Cosmetic Remedies

You can use makeup to cover up the dark spots on the skin as a quick fix. Tutorials abound on the internet on how to this. You have to use the right shade of liquid cosmetics and cream like an artist. The content of this specialized makeup is heavy in chemicals so be careful to try it out on a small section of your skin to detect sensitivity. They are often marketed as correcting cream and concealer.

A more intense version of this makeup is available as a serum concentrated with chemicals, vitamins, and collagen. Collagen is a type of protein whose function is to stimulate elasticity on your skin. With aging, collagen production decreases and skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Natural alternatives to the chemically-laden serum exist in the market and this includes the age spots lotion that is manufactured with pure ingredients such as fruit extracts.

Laser Treatment

A more effective and intensive treatment for age spots is laser treatment. These treatments are costly and should be done at a certified professional lab, however, their effect is more permanent as they destroy the melanin-producing cells. Some patients experience temporary skin discoloration from this treatment.

Intense Pulse Light Treatment

An alternative to laser therapy, IPL or intense pulse light treatment is deployed to remove undesirable blemishes, hair, and wrinkles on the skin. These skin imperfections may include age spots, freckles, birthmarks, varicose veins, spider veins, and rosacea.

Even though aging is a natural process, you can slow it down by taking care of your body and consuming a healthy diet rich with the relevant vitamins and minerals and protein-rich foods. Don't wait until the symptoms appear and you need to conceal them. Start young and be informed about the aging process and how to maintain a youthful appearance from the start.

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