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ColourPop First Time Purchase Reflection

by Heeta Joshi 3 years ago in product review

A Review

Disclaimer: I’ll be honest and say that I look at both pros and cons of a product, so if you are sensitive to constructive critique. This is not the post for you. Proof has been attached for your perusal.

Products Purchased:

  • Makeup Your Mind Palette: $12 USD (was free on promo)/ $15.8 CAD approx
  • Mar Palette: $12 USD/$15.8 CAD
  • Ocean Ave Liquid Lipstick: $5.20 USD/$6.83. CAD
  • Moondancer Liquid Lipstick: $6.00 USD/$7.90 CAD

Shipping: $9 USD/$11.83 CAD

Total: 33.19 USD/$44.63 CAD


I ordered my purchase the very day Mar and Sol got released. I believe it was a Friday and they shipped it on the following Monday. It took exactly 10 days once it was shipped to reach my neighbourhood. Which I think, me being an international customer, is a really good shipping time frame or result. Funny story, for the first time ever in my life I put down the wrong address. Furthermore, I didn’t realize it till tracking stated the parcel was delivered and I came home to see it wasn’t delivered. Long story short, I was able to get it from my neighbour. But a question! Would you open mail that came to your house, but does not belong to you? Think about it!


Did not like the liquid lipsticks at all. Patchy, patchy, patchy! The eyeshadow palette though? Pretty impressed with the performance (wear time, blendability, application) over all. I just wished it would have stayed more true to the theme though. I did not test out MUM because I decided it was not for me. So I ended up selling it completely brand new and untouched. I thought it wasn’t a very cohesive shade range. Random colours thrown in together. And way too small for its retail value. I decided to get that free for promo, rather than get $5 off as a first time customer. Win-win for me and the person who bought it.


Let’s cut out the shipping (even if it’s cheaper for businesses to ship things out, it’s still not free). I got four products for $24.19 USD/$33.81. Which is not bad in itself, but can we go even cheaper at the drugstore? Most definitely. Since, I was impressed with ColourPop’s performance, I almost bought 10 singles from them at $50 Int free ship. But then I thought to myself that $66 CAD approx for 10 ColourPop singles is just not feasible, even with the quantity. Which is not that high to begin with and something I do not care for anyways, because more simply means more likely to be wasted.


I was introduced to ColourPop because of Natasha Denona. And you guessed it right, it was specifically because of the Sunset Palette. However, once I was disillusioned with Sunset, I lost my desire for ColourPop’s Yes Please palette. But the brand itself was stuck behind my mind. So far they still have not come out with anything where I felt that I both needed and wanted it. This was an impulsive purchase, and overall I would say the experience was alright-good, but not the greatest. ColourPop has the potential of good quality products, but it surely can be a hit and miss. For an online brand, that’s not a good thing in my book. But I’m open minded to realize that not everything works for everyone. But many are not, and will write a brand off for one mishap. Unfortunately, for my wallet, I’m not one of those people. Suffice it to say, I hope CP comes out with a palette where you can choose your own shades (like Buxom but a better designed palette) with a more reasonable price point.


If the upcoming Zodiac Pallete isn’t too bad, my supernatural loving heart will probably pick it up.

Au Revoir Mes Amis! Goodbye my friends! Have a wonderful day!


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Heeta Joshi

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