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Celebrate the First Day of Fall with a New Makeup Look

First Day of Fall

By Lynne BlackPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Celebrate the First Day of Fall with a New Makeup Look
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Celebrate the first day of Fall with a new makeup look! When it comes to your beauty; why not make some changes this season? With people out and about more; I’m excited to share with you some new makeup products to glam up.

First Day of Fall

Whether you are in school or headed back to work after working remotely for the last year or so; there are many new makeup trends to get excited about. Yup – I mean really excited! So, after most of the world was dressing in athleisure styles and wearing little to no makeup; personally, I’m excited to show the world my lips.

Because masks are not required everywhere, show off your pout with some new lipstick. For some ideas; be sure to check out my How Will you Celebrate National Lipstick Day post.

Since most of us are trying to get back to some type of normalcy in our lives; it’s time to highlight our natural beauty. New season, new colors, and breathable skin – are you ready to try a new makeup look?

In the same fashion, curtain bangs and shaggy-hair styles are in; so, show off your eyes! From a cat eye to lining both your upper and lower lid; get creative with a new eyeliner.

Valentino Twin Eyeliner Gel and Eyeliner

From Valentino, this eyeliner provides both a matte and smooth eyeliner gel on each side. In the same way, you can create either a subtle or statement look. Moreover, the key is to extend the eyeliner past the corner of your eye to make a statement with the liquid eyeliner.

And, if you are looking for a more subtle look; you can use the eyeliner on the top of your lashes. Also, you can add a little bit of matte eyeliner to your bottom lid with a coat of liquid eyeliner.

Twin Eyeliner and Gel

Lime Crime Venus Liquid Eyeliner

With things returning to a bit more normal; why not make a statement? Though you may have a flashback from your teen years or the 80s, the new neon colors are much more sophisticated.

Whether you want a delicate line or want a winged look; this liquid eyeliner will make it easy for you to create the look you want in this bright color.

Also, this liquid eyeliner is available in a bunch of other shades. In my opinion, the pumpkin orange is a great choice to mix with a neutral brown this Fall.

Celebrate the First Day of Fall with a New Makeup Look

Due to the pandemic, most of us have been using more eye makeup. This Fall, extend your lashes. Whether you get lash extensions or use a lengthening mascara; let your lashes show off your eyes.

With many cities and towns requiring masks again; eyes will continue to take center stage.

Lancome Defining & Lengthening Mascara

When you’re looking for a natural-looking mascara that will help make your lashes appear longer and thicker without looking clumpy; I highly recommend this mascara. Not only will this define your eyes but will also lengthen your lashes.

Celebrate the First Day of Fall with a New Makeup Look

Bold, bright, and glamour is making a comeback!

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick

Celebrate the first day of Fall with a new lip color!

In essence, deep burgundy or rich chocolate captures the colors of the leaves.

All you need is one swipe and your lips will have a beautiful color without looking heavy. The blackberry/deep brown berry is ideal to wear every day.

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick

And, if you are really looking to have some fun; add some playfulness to your look with this bright neon lip shade. Similarly, to neon eyeliner, neon colors are a fun way to brighten up this Fall.

Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick in Fall in Love

So this season, think of a neon color as a fashion accessory.

Bold colors are making a statement for the Fall and Winter seasons! Why not try adding a shade of brightness to rock the neon trend? Fall in Love will give you a boost of color without overpowering your features.

Mac Fall in Love Lipstick

In essence, this season is all about playing up your features. From unexpected colors to a statement eye; you may want to try to paint your face.

As always, I welcome your comments on how you will celebrate the first day of fall?


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