Blue hair, I don't care

The power of a great hairdo.

Blue hair, I don't care
Blues combinations

Actually, it started dawning on me recently. The reason I have blue hair I mean.

I have rocked colors in my hair since the very first happy accident when I was adding a range of temporary natural colorings for a streetcarnival occasion many many years back. It turned my blond hair into purple and pink stained coils. The coils had nothing to do with the color but were a just a cool hairstyle. I looked like a doll with those thick coils that stayed in whatever I did.

I have tried all kinds of colors since then. And strange enough, people never hated on the spots of color I always had in all my different do's. It suits me better than natural hair colors. And I have always had revolutionairy style changes. Changing it from short blond to black long braids overnight. People didnt even blink or think.

My natural setting is really dark, thick waves. And over the years it got darker and darker until recent years it got more gray and white. I am truly blessed in the hair department. The sole reason my hairdresser gets to cut it is that he thinks its a blessing too. Other hairdressers cried halfway commenting that it is a lot of hair. I didn't stick around them for too long to let them get acquainted with my 'hearwealth'. When I was in Aruba there was a hairdresser that knew her way around my waves as well. Bless her.

The trend went gray and since I was going gray already I thought it would be nice. With a shampoo for gray hair, it looked a very faint lilac. Gorgeous. People stopped me in the street to compliment me. So sweet of them.

Then we decided to do a bunch of pinks and purples in the back. So nice and with the new products the colors actually stay in very nice and long. When I cut my very long hair , the roots with new hair was a darker gray with the ends very white.. it looked so cool. But I decided to cut the white ends off after a while.

Bringing fresh never processed virgin hair to my colorist. We decided on blues for the roots and a very light gray toner on the length. Again very cool but the blue was bleeding out into the gray ever so slowly. The second time I went to redo the roots with several shades of blue the happy accident happened: the whole hair turned blue and it didn't wash out....But it looked so good! No matter what shade of blue is in there, it always matches my eyes. It is extremely convenient when I am meeting guests for a tour at a crowded airport.

The way I feel with this very specific hair is wonderful. I genuinely don't care what other people think. But I imagine that if I wouldn't get the many compliments every day it would be different. The reason tho that I do get all these compliments is probably the same thing that I came to realize of late.

I am not like normal people, I am just a wonderful amount of different. And with this hair, it is plain and obvious but in a non-threatening way. (I have experienced anger as a reaction to my hair once) To not feel included in the mainstream is a weird feeling and never easy. It feels unsafe. I guess this hair is so glorious that it makes me a social group on my own and people adore it.

Never underestimate the power of your hair! I cry for the enslaved people that not only got stripped of their clothes and names but also their hair. #BLM #speakupagainstracism

Louke the bluehaired tour guide
Louke the bluehaired tour guide
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Louke the bluehaired tour guide

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