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Blackheads, How to Get Rid

by Sarfraz Hussain 2 years ago in skincare
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How to Get ride from Blackheads on face

tend to appear in a person's teens - and they tend to return to many people over and over again throughout their lives. Almost 8 in 10 teenagers have acne - the official term for a collection of white and blackheads.

But it's not just teenagers, many adults also have acne. But this is not surprising as your body has over 5 million pores - and thousands on your face alone, as well as around 650 sweat glands per 6.5 cm² of skin.

What causes blackheads

So how do blackheads form? Only when a hair follicle (pore) is clogged with oils and dead skin cells. If the clogged-up pore stays open, rather than seals itself, it is exposed to oxygen and turns a black or dark color, hence the term blackhead.

If the skin above the pore remains closed, this produces a white one.

Type mild acne is the most blobs that form the humans, but they can be seen in other areas of the body too, including:

  • Shoulder
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Back

Do not have advanced black pain because they are not inflamed - like pimples. Pimples appear when bacteria invade a barrier in the hair follicle, causing redness and inflammation.

Is there anything that could increase my chances of getting black ones?

There are a few factors that can affect whether or not you get black ones - including:

  • Birth control pills
  • Menstruation
  • to build up natural oils on the skin
  • Taking drugs like corticosteroids or androgen
  • Not being washing for a while
  • Dehydrated skin (encourages more oil build-up)
  • Build-up of dead skin
  • Cosmetics that irritate your skin by hand

Remove blackheads, Of course, it is best to remove blackheads without much pain and fuss. You could go down the old-fashioned way and use your fingers to squeeze the contents of the blackhead.

But this can increase the risk of developing more blackheads. You could get chemical peels or use prescription medications to get rid of the black ones - but all of them have unfavorable side effects.

Blackhead Extraction Tool blackhead

The best thing to do to remove extract is to do it by hand with a specialized tool.

A great example is the Blackhead Extraction Tool Blackheads Blackheads as it can remove and ingrown hairs that can also cause. He removes the guilty black ones quickly and painfully using special claws used to make a gentle incision on the blackhead.

The user then flips the tool around and uses the strongly rounded edges of the claws to push out any debris trapped under the skin - so the black ones disappear in front of your eyes.

You must remove blackheads safely and carefully, as some blackheads are more serious and painful than others. It is equally important to keep on top of your facial hygiene while using the tool.

For example, for every five black ones you extract, make sure you use a toner to clean the escaping debris. After you use the tool it is a great idea to use a face mask to tighten the skin and absorb any dirt and oil that may be left from your blackhead extraction session.

Compared to the traditional loop slip extraction tools, the claw style tools work much better on painful spots like ingrown hairs.

The Blackhead Extraction Tool identifies the problem area and works the claws around the spot and then pushes the blackhead out without any pain at all. It is made of strong metal so the points of the claws are very sharp and thin.

That means when you make the tiny incision on the black one, it doesn’t hurt at all.

Happy Blackhead extracting!


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