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Being out of the body is a special experience, but not necessarily wonderful!

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Note: the content of this article, if you do not have the relevant knowledge and experience, do not believe it, just read it as a story and do not comment on it easily.

Reader: Hello, teacher! After I woke up at 5: 00 this morning, I lay on my right and watched my breath. I didn't know how long after I blurred and saw the ceiling of the room through the light. I saw my shadow growing wings from my back, and then I got out of my body lying in bed. I floated up, and I knew clearly that my own body was sleeping in bed, but I was already walking fast in the air, and there seemed to be a force that carried me through the air. The center is still wondering where it's taking me.

And then I walked through the mountains of the city, and then I quickly went through every corner of the hospital in another city, and I saw all kinds of patients in hospital uniforms, and finally I went into a room full of newborn babies, and there were a dozen babies lying in the crib next to them, 5.6 nurses nursing these babies, but not a single baby's father. Mom or dad took care of them in this room, and I sat down by one of the cribs without a nurse.

I knew that none of the nurses could see me, and I wanted to attach myself to the baby's body, and when I lay in the baby's body in the sleeping position, I found that my body was too big to sleep, and then the baby felt me, and suddenly sat up and cried. He also stabbed my baby with a lot of wooden sticks next to him, and the intravenous needles that were being injected into my baby's handle were dropped.

And then I flew out of the hospital room and across many woods and mountains, and I felt scared. How could I be here by myself? can I go back to my body in bed? because I was afraid, I said, "Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva Anita Buddha, and after a while, I found that I was back in my body." I opened my eyes and found myself lying in bed.

Now I am afraid that I have known so clearly that I have been out of my body and traveled through the air 6.7 times. Once, after leaving, I attached myself to the fuselage of the plane that was starting, and there was an airport in the neighborhood where I lived. This time I was a little afraid that if I was really attached to the baby's body, I would not be able to come back, teacher. What is my situation? please give me some advice.

Me: this is what you often say, trance, trance. Out-of-body can be out of the material realm, can also go out to the high-dimensional realm. Being able to go out shows that you are very relaxed. This is a good thing. But there are a few things you should pay attention to. First, you are passive and cannot control yourself. You can try to control yourself. For example, go where you want to go instead of flying freely. It is possible to make good use of the out-of-body and absorb the information and energy of the universe. The premise is to be able to self-control and have strong energy. You need to keep practicing your energy.

Second, learn to observe and compare. For example, you need to verify that the airport you go to is the airport near your neighborhood. If you can confirm it, it means you can go out to the material world. You have to learn to confirm, if you can confirm, you won't be so worried. Third, the integration of an object may not necessarily be successful. If the other person is more energetic than you, and he opposes oneness, you can't get together. As for the situation of not coming back after unification, I have never heard of it. When the body is about to wake up, it automatically returns. Or when the spirit wants to go back on its own initiative, a thought goes back.

Fourth, if you want to go back, or if you want to go somewhere, you can relax the spirit on the spot or close your eyes and meditate, and then think about somewhere. Of course, this process can also go wrong, depending on whether the frequency of your consciousness is accurate. And whether the spirit can calm down, you may not be able to do it. Fifth, if you find out of the body difficult to control, you can consciously practice the body and reduce the out of the body.

Reader: it's a little impossible. I couldn't even control myself. I could feel myself out of the body, so I told the teacher that I couldn't control myself and let myself float around.

Me: you can't just relax. If you leave some consciousness in your body, you won't be out of the body.

Reader: mm-hmm. I'll pay attention to a good teacher.

This is the consultation record from half a year ago. Now I share it because at the beginning there are many readers who have experienced out-of-body, and they are curious about this kind of experience. Out-of-body is just a common phenomenon, and everyone experiences it every day. the difference is whether you know that you are out-of-body, whether you are conscious or unconscious when you are out-of-body, and whether you remember that sleep is out-of-body after out-of-body. if you can sleep, you will be out-of-body, so basically everyone will be out of body. The phenomenon of near death in medicine is also out of the body. The so-called ghost press bed, there is a situation, out of the body can not get out, pressed, stuck.

In ancient China, the god of sleep, Chen Zu, wrote a poem: human beings have no dreams, and their dreams are wandering immortals. To wander the immortal is to be in a trance, and the mind is too empty. The dream practice in practice is for conscious out-of-body mind wandering and free control of dreams. To learn about out-of-body, you can learn to dream and practice, or take a look at the 36 tricks of Zhang Sanfeng Dan Road, or you can read Monroe, a master of out-of-body. Film and television works can watch Inception.

Finally, emphasize that being able to get out of the body is not a big deal. you don't have to pursue too much, and having an out-of-body experience can help you realize that there are still a lot of unknown parts of yourself that you haven't realized. Being out of the body helps you realize that the so-called death is that you leave your body and do not return to your body. Everyone should still live a good present life. If you don't live well in this space, it will be difficult for you to live well in the rest of the space. This article was originally launched by the body self-repair researchers, the official account of Wechat with the same name!

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