Before, During and After Permanent Makeup Process

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Permanent Makeup Process

Before, During and After Permanent Makeup Process

Permanent makeup is a technique of applying makeup with a permanent pigmentation that resembles real and natural makeup such as enhancing the colours of the skin, improving the eye lining and accentuating the lips. One of the most common applications is to create artificial eyebrows or to disguise scars due to a surgery or an accident.

Before you go in for permanent makeup, get complete information about the process, the risks involved, and the aftercare.

Before the Permanent Makeup Process:

Before you go to a permanent makeup artist, it is essential to know your needs clearly and if the process will be suitable to both your health and skin type. Focus on the features that you want to enhance; perhaps your eyebrows, lashes, and lips need improvement or if you are not keen to apply makeup daily or if you have some kind of scars. Perhaps the hair on your eyebrows or your eyelashes are sparse, or your lips are too pale. Well, if you are in good health generally and carry realistic expectations towards life, permanent makeup will be apt for you. Speak to the doctor in case you are taking any medication as you may need to get off medication before you can go for the procedure. Get complete permanent makeup information beforehand.

During the Permanent Makeup Process:

Before you make an appointment for permanent makeup, check out the reputation of the artist and compare permanent makeup prices. Once you are ready, follow the instructions carefully so that you are fully prepared when you arrive in the parlor and get the cosmetic ink applied. For example, any lash extensions and contact lenses need to be removed if you are getting an eye area worked upon. Be well prepared as the procedure can last for an hour or more. The permanent makeup artist will first numb and pre-draw the desired shape and will keep the customer involved so that he or she is aware of the final result. Once the numbing cream effectually numbs the area, the whole process is painless, and there is little discomfort. All you need to do is stay calm and relaxed during the procedure. However, as different people carry different types of skin and pain tolerance, the procedures might carry varying experiences.

After Permanent Makeup Process:

Once the permanent makeup is done, you would be given some special instructions by the artist on how to take good care of the skin and the design. The tattooed skin typically lasts about a year, and the pigments are likely to fade eventually. However, with proper care and protection, you can make the effect last longer so that you need not go back soon for a touch-up. One needs to clean the tattoo area with moist cotton every hour or so and apply a restoration cream every morning and night. Prevent the tattoo area from getting wet and apply a light coat of ointment as a protection for the skin. Expect some tenderness, itching and swelling around the area but do not touch the area with your fingers, and avoid hot showers or baths. Stay away from dirt and grime to prevent possible infections. Aftercare is important here, and one should get the essential information from the artist.

The end result of the procedure depends a lot on the use of sterile needles and high-quality pigments. You may feel the colours are a bit dark, but do not worry, as with time they will fade and lighten up and attain the normal and natural look. The cost of permanent makeup can vary from one artist to another and the complexity of the task.

Amelia Varley
Amelia Varley
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