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An Improbable Paradise

By BirdScriptsPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Frozen over my ex. That’s right it’s been 3 years since the divorce, 5 years if you include me realizing Jabal wasn’t it. We weren’t a great fit. He didn’t even know how to rhyme. Trust me, I didn’t know it was something that was teachable, but I tried teaching him… I’m writing a story with my life. I could’ve taught him a lot of things really. Rhyming wasn’t anywhere near the top of the list. That long list is in my past now. In my future is polar bears. And their cute little babies! I decided to become apart of a group that travels to Antartica, to help wildlife, the pictures I’m going to take is just a bonus. That’s why I ended going with the coldest part of the planet. It was the only one that allowed photographers. Just the bittersweet lifestyle I signed up for.

“Ouch!” What idiot just…. oh my sweet handsome. A beautiful idiot.

I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you with my luggage?” Said the beautiful stranger.

Words that started a long realization that pictures and polar bear babies weren’t the only things that brought me here.

“No. It’s ok. Do you need help putting those away. I’m a great organizer.”I said thanking God, that blessed me with this quick witty flirting skills.

“Yeah, that would be great. I wasn’t expecting these cabins to be so small” He said.

“So what’s your name” I said already plotting on how I’m going to ask him to be my polar buddy. And how I’m going to dodge the “is that a real thing” question.

“Marquis.” He said with the cutest smile I’ve seen in awhile. “And yours?”

“My name is Simone. So… what brings you to our worlds melting ice box? I ask hoping he doesn’t become offended. Ok good, he’s laughing.

“Just that actually. I study sociology. But I can’t help but consider animals our family too. So once I saw that the polar bears weren’t as white any more, and that they had trouble walking on ice, I couldn’t help but think about coming. Then my company promoted this retreat, and it struck a chord”

And he’s not an asshole? Sign me up for some Marquis! Oh wait… I don’t even know if he’s with someone. Welp, if not now then never.

“Wow. That’s so amazing. I really appreciate that as a fellow human sister” I said with a smile. “I’m here for the same thing, as well as photography. To capture just the same thing that brought you here. Did you come with anyone?” This is going to take some more time, hopefully I can get this question out before the end of the trip.

“Nope. Just me. I actually came on this trip to also meet new people” he said alittle embarrassed, as his handsome smile turned soft. With his side eyes looking at me.

Woah, am I that smooth or is it him?

“Well, I’m the perfect polar buddy, so stick by me and you’ll be entertained” I said as I finished perfectly fitting all of his luggage in a perfect Tetris formation.

We continued the day with the tour guide. We started off with taking a hike, that will be our route for the remainder of the trip. We came across 5 different polar bear dens. But I didn’t have much pictures to take, since we didn’t see any actual polar bears. Fingers crossed at least once while we’re here. I continued to talk to marquis. We finally got onto the subject on families, and I shot in a little quirky, “so are you seeing anyone?” And then tried my hardest not to over due the smile that appeared on my face when he said no. But I couldn’t help my flirting went into hyperdrive. He’s so smart! And kind. A family man, just like he said. I couldn’t help myself.

When we got back from the hike, our tour guide continued to go over the next days goals. How we were going to store food closer to the dens so the new borns don’t have to try crossing the delicate ice so young. Take classes on what’s going on with the atmosphere, and what we can do better, to slow down global warming. And if we do end up seeing polar bears, to not get too excited. He’s friends with a couple of polar bear families, and they actually come up to him!

After that we had lunch. Hands down the best retreat food I’ve ever had! Also the first. Marquis really did stick by my side the whole time. We talked, laughed and even got deep a couple of times. It was so easy to talk to him. The tour day was coming to an end. It doesn’t really get dark here. But the clouds were just as beautiful as any sunset. So I asked Marquis if he wanted to watch them with me. He accepted and we set up some blankets outside the cabin, lit a fire and started roasting s’mores. My favorite! And come to find out, so was Marquis’. Why is this the first day I met him and I feel like we’ve know wa other for a life time? Just as I was having this thought Marquis states that I have marshmallow on my lip. I try to grab it with my tongue, but couldn’t seem to get it. He offers to help, and leans close to me. Just then our eyes meet, and we both seem to forget how to move. His eyes are so beautiful, I just can’t look away. And neither could he, because just then, Marquis leans in and gives me the softest kiss. Just for two seconds. But it felt like 2 million years of butterflies floating in my tummy. He looks at me with such kind eyes after the kiss. Lays down and enjoys his s’mores. Of which I forgot that mine was in my hand. I take a bite and feel timeless.

This is going to be an amazing trip.


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Spirit refuses to be in one place. But rather feel all places. Feel whole and free when the arts of my heart spread its its wings. We admire the moon in the sky where our eyes are aligned, just as the sun, just the same.

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