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After she announced her plastic surgery, I love her more instead

People can't resist the pursuit of beauty

By GonzagaPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
After she announced her plastic surgery, I love her more instead
Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Some people often say that they would prefer the past era when beauty could be presented in its original form to the present era of advanced technology and beauty techniques.

Elizabeth Taylor

Because we all default, in that era the technology is not developed enough, people do not p pictures, there is no convenient medical beauty environment, can be active on the screen and known to this day beauty, must be born with a good look, they do not have to do any "beauty" action also look good ... ...

Their beauty seems to be more providential and rare than today's hardworking beauty.

But Uncle Oxygen does not fully agree with this statement.

Beauty that still shines after time is indeed a natural rarity, but no matter what time it is, no matter whether technology is convenient or not, people can't resist the pursuit of beauty and can't stop studying ways to become beautiful.

World Standard Beauty" published in a magazine of the Republic of China.

We just don't know about the feverish pursuit of "looking good" by the people before us, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The truth is that all the means and paths to the beauty that we are now passionate about had already taken shape more than 100 years ago.


Large eyes and thin face skin

What era of people love p pictures

A few years ago, the Internet liked to use the "era of no ps" to highlight the natural beauty of the past beauty.

But, before the birth of Photoshop, people would also find ways to beautify their portraits through more sophisticated and native means.

The most famous and original means is the p-image first enthusiast Empress Dowager Ci xi.

Because the more sophisticated means of documentation in those days was portraiture, she had to intervene in the artist's creation from the early stages for self-embellishment purposes at every turn.

She once gave orders to the painter Walsh Hooper before he painted her portrait: no shadows on any part of her face (she didn't understand bone beauty), big eyes! The mouth should be full, and all wrinkles should be removed... Note that Ci xi is 70 years old in the drawing on the right and that she looks like that on the left in the untouched photo during the same period.

Empress Dowager Ci xi

Portraits can be manually interfered with, but film photos can't be p-ed, right? Yes, you can.

The darkroom technology of the film era was the real predecessor of Photoshop, and to make up for the lack of instantaneous recording of photos, people picked up various tools and learned to use contrast, shading, and temperature control to manually modify the negative to achieve a "beautiful face" in later stages.

In this photo of Joan Crawford, taken in the 1930s, the retouches worked for six hours to remove her neckline, frown lines, lines between her eyebrows, cheekbone furrows, highlighting her cheekbones and brow arches, tightening and lifting her jawline, and rejuvenating her entire face.

It seems that no matter what time of the year, everyone's desire to become beautiful is similar.

Joan Crawford

In the past, people also had a systematic awareness of p-picture, and the retouches would have a series of operations to beautify photos for customers.

I think every retouches of that time can be a makeup master now, they are not only skilled in darkroom work, but also fully understand the beauty and structure of the human face.

Lack of three-dimensional, through the control of exposure to create contrast between light and dark, the face is not fine enough white, through the tool scrubbing for skin and modify the imperfections.

Manually add shadows and highlights to strengthen the bones, and manually conceal and brighten the skin.

Hepburn photos by the masterful darkroom artist Pablo Interior

In 1987, photographer Dong Min took pictures of the 90-year-old Song Me-ling, who was no longer able to draw her lipstick and eyebrows delicately by herself at that time. During the photo shoot, Song's lipstick was applied to the outside of her lips and her eyebrows were broken, and Dong Min did not remind her of this, but finally, he manually modified Song's lipstick and eyebrows on the negative.


Proud to know how to become beautiful

Beauty is not ashamed of being "non-native

Together with the "era without PS", there is another term called "the era without plastic surgery".

This description is even more incorrect, because in the past, people not only had plastic surgery, but even loved the good changes it brought to them, and they were not "ashamed of it".

Medical plastic surgery technology was introduced to China from the late Song Dynasty until the Republic of China, during which time a major shift in thinking and controversy did take place.

The initial plastic surgery introduced into China was mostly for the purpose of remedying physical defects, so some literati believed that it was repairing the body given by parents and was in line with traditional moral values.

However, some literati did not approve of this approach.

In 1897, there was a report in the newspaper "Declarations" called "Disfigurement of the body", which recorded the story of an old French woman who got a face lift and became younger immediately.

"A certain surgeon in Paris, France, started with a huge fortune in cosmetic surgery for old women. The method in the old woman cut between the ears will be cut off the skin, and then the face skin bandage tight line sewn, the face wrinkles are all flat, like a beautiful woman, the old woman to this only bear the pain. Hebe, is different."

At the same time, they also criticized the psychology of women seeking beauty.

"cosmetic surgery is a 'beauty and teaches obscenity', contrary to the 'three from four virtues' ancient tradition, the beauty of the person, his heart may not be obscene. However, people, or because of the beauty of their looks and color who want to be trapped in obscenity are, no less than teaching obscenity.

The meaning of the words is that: plastic surgery can indeed become beautiful, but your pursuit of the beauty that does not deliberately make people commit crimes?

Until the Republic of China, this debate and the knowledge gap of cosmetic technology, with the opening of the mind and the maturity of technology has greatly improved.

At that time per capital seeking beauty, people would instead pride themselves on knowing more about beauty and being more willing to go after fashionable beauty.

Big star H Die would teach people to do makeup

At this time, cosmetic surgery technology was relatively mature, and in the decades from the late 1920s to the 1940s, the items available in cosmetic surgery hospitals had expanded from simply removing freckles and reducing wrinkles to double eyelids, correcting squinting, nose jobs, correcting ear shapes, making dimples, reducing lips, and so on.

Influenced by Western culture, the overall aesthetic of cosmetic surgery is European.

Public figures were the most likely to start the trend of beauty treatment here.

There was an amazing phenomenon that big celebrities not only did not hide their plastic surgery, but also made it widely known, and were eager to post their before-and-after pictures all over the street, and it was easy for plastic surgery hospitals to get the consent of celebrities to place advertisements in newspapers.

Civil War era plastic surgery hospital ads using celebrities as cases

Not only do you want to do it yourself, but you also want to start a business!

Actress Wang Halon began to start her beauty salon after she quit the movie, but the times were turbulent and the salon was forced to close down before long.

At that time, people were not ashamed of their plastic surgery but rather wanted to feel that I was the most knowledgeable and capable of becoming beautiful, which helped them strengthen their opinion leader label and would be more sought after.


Technology and beauty accomplish each other

I think that because we live in an era of advanced technology, we often overlook the mutual achievement of technology and beauty.

Because people have a sincere desire for beauty at all times, the technology of "beauty" can be constantly innovated and optimized in this process.

The technology of beauty, which grows rapidly under supervision, can bring us back at the right time to experience the visual shock of the past, which we could not have felt before.

The 1976 masterpiece of Iranian cinema, "The Wind Game", lost its negative after the Islamic Revolution, and only an ultra-low definition VHS version was circulated at that time, so we could not appreciate the beauty and color of the film that originally belonged to it alone.

Fortunately, more than forty years later, the film's negative was found at a flea market, and after a painstaking restoration process, we finally saw it as it was, with its white pearl necklace and dancing candlelight against the red carpet.

k restored version

I always believe that we should be more open to learning about technology and new things and aesthetics, not to mention that we have the absolute advantage of being closer to beauty today than before.

We are at the best age to appreciate beauty, and to have a beautiful picture, we don't have to spend all 6 hours, just tap on the mobile app, and we can p a picture in a few minutes.

We don't have to threaten painters or take criticism against them if we want to fight against aging, we have all kinds of ways to do our homework, we have all kinds of advanced medical beauty technology, and we have more than just westernized and diversified aesthetics.

One hundred and twenty-four years ago, people would have exclaimed, "He, what a difference" to an old French woman who had a face lift.

Nowadays, when someone is worried about the first age, sagging, and face collapse, there are already many people who say, "Go get a Therm age! This is an excellent change in awareness.

This is an excellent change of consciousness. The innovation of technology has allowed more people to find more shortcuts on the road to beauty, and we have gradually learned the science of beauty, and we know that one of the causes of facial aging is collagen loss, and we can solve the problem from the very root.


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