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After each wash face first do these things

Don't rush to use toner

By GonzagaPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
After each wash face first do these things
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Every time you see a good-looking girl, you can't help but look at a few more, and every time you see a girl with good skin, you can't help but envy. Envious of their skin in the perfect flawless, envious of their ability to care for the delicate and smooth skin like a baby. The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

If you want to have a fair and clean face, skin care must be less, hydration and moisturizing is the most basic step, the most lack of skin is moisture, especially during the season, the weather is dry, skin if the lacking moisture, many facial problems will ensue. For example, acne, closed mouth, spots, and other problems. However, other people's skin is very flawless, it is inevitable to feel a little helpless.

To have a white and clean face, skin care must be indispensable

To solve these problems in the skin, in addition to the necessary skincare steps, the order and details of skin care should also pay attention to, especially after washing the face is the key link to replenishing moisture to maintain humidity. If you can do it right, the blemishes on your skin will gradually disappear. The toner is an important item for the skin to "pour" moisture, and the process of using it should also pay more attention to, after washing the face, do not rush to use toner, first do these 5 things, the skin is no longer afraid of dry.

1, hot towel wet compress

Many women are gradually paying attention to skin care, skincare knowledge, and common sense, also have a certain understanding of the time to wash their face and will choose the right cleaning products. The ingredients in the face wash are mainly divided into soap-based and amino acids, the first thing to consider is the amino acid face wash, which will not affect the skin. After washing your face, you can use a hot towel to wet the skin of your face, it is easier to open the pores of the skin to facilitate subsequent skin care and helps the absorption of skin care products.

In addition to the hot towel to open the pores, the steamer, and other products, but also be able to do, conditional girls can try. If you use a hot towel wet compress, you must keep the towel clean, the temperature should not be too high, or too low, otherwise, it will stimulate the skin, but also can not play a role in opening the pores.

2, with muscle base liquid

Many women like to wash their faces after the toner directly on the face, this practice is not so scientific, skin care effect will not reach the best, no wonder skin care can not see results. Before using a toner, it is best to use a muscle base, also to play a cleaning effect, but also to repair the moisturizing, the muscle base of the nutrient is relatively high, and the skin is very useful significantly. The use of muscle base fluid can also promote absorption, and improve the efficiency of absorption and the speed of absorption.

3, with cotton pads

Many sisters, in the use of skin care products, are always used directly on the hands, this practice may stimulate the skin, because there is no way to keep the hands clean at all times, the use of toner, with cotton pads to wet the effect will be more significant some. The cotton is clean and hygienic, the cotton is fine, there is no friction on the skin, and it can perfectly fit the skin and promote the skin to absorb nutrients.

4, with the technique of massage

When using cotton pads, you can massage your hands, so that toner can be better absorbed by the skin, to help open the pores of the skin. If you have the conditions, you can use the beauty instrument to massage the face, without worrying about the force being too light or too heavy. Many sisters, with hands, beat hard, this way is not desirable, and may lead to a little damage to the skin.

5, interval time

Many women, after using a class of skin care products, not fully absorbed condition, can not wait to use the next skin care products, this approach and behavior are not desirable, this is a skincare minefield, I hope you can avoid the pit again in the future. The fact is that you have to wait until your skin is absorbed before you use other types of skin care products to avoid cross-use affecting the effectiveness of skin care products. In the matter of skincare, do not rush, step by step, step by step, a little change every day, the skin change will be very obvious.

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