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Adhere to four good habits before going to bed, the skin will not only become smoother, but also become younger.

Little knowledge of skin care

By jasonbmedi KhfPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

When we sleep at night, the skin will enter a period of self-recovery and self-cultivation, and if the skin care work is done at night, the skin can be repaired to the best stage when we rest at night.

Women who can grasp the maintenance work before going to bed usually have healthy and young skin. So I suggest you stick to the following four good habits before going to bed. Your skin is not only getting smoother, but you can also get younger. Let's have a look.

The first one: remove makeup completely

Misunderstanding of removing makeup: skip removing makeup and wash your face directly, thinking that facial cleanser can clean makeup.

Makeup products can not be washed off with clean water, facial cleanser and other products are not clean, need to use professional makeup remover products can be thoroughly cleaned, long-term makeup removal is not clean, easy to cause skin problems such as dark yellow complexion, blackhead acne and so on.

The correct way: the key to remove makeup is to choose the right makeup remover product, the most popular makeup remover product is makeup remover oil, because a texture excellent makeup remover product has good water solubility, emulsifying makeup, strong makeup removal ability, and good cleaning with clean water. Here, we suggest that you do not know how to choose makeup remover products, you can close your eyes into makeup remover oil.

Second: wash your face carefully

Misunderstanding of face washing: the stronger the cleaning ability of facial cleanser, the better, and the cleaner the face after washing, the better.

After removing makeup, you need to use facial cleanser to wash off the residue of makeup remover oil as well as grease and dust on the face. The facial cleanser with proper cleaning ability can wash off the dirt on the face and protect the skin horniness in a healthy state.

Many people wash their faces very clean when they wash their faces, which is what we often call excessive cleaning of the skin.

Correct approach: the correct approach is to choose a facial cleanser with moderate cleaning power, and keep a certain amount of moisture on the face after washing the face, which is not easy to pull out, which is conducive to the skin becoming more and more healthy.

Most facial cleansers on the market are skin-based, among which amino acid cleansers are available for all skin cleansing products. Amino acid ingredients have the characteristics of skin affinity and high cleanliness, but the ingredients are mild and non-irritant. it is friendly to oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin.

The third: pay attention to the ways and methods of applying facial mask

Misunderstanding of mask application: the longer the time, the more conducive to the absorption of mask essence, after the mask does not wash the face, you do not need to apply skin care products.

When the mask is applied on the face, our skin is in a closed state, which can make the essence and nutrition of the mask enter into the skin and quickly have the effect of moisturizing and hydrating.

But mask essence and skin care products are different, its molecules are relatively large, not easy to be absorbed by the skin, not timely washing with clean water will cause long acne, closed situation, it is recommended that no matter what the skin is best to wash off the mask before going to bed.

Correct approach: when we apply one-sided mask, the time had better be controlled within 15 to 20 minutes. After taking off the mask, you can gently pat the skin with your fingers until the essence of the mask is absorbed, and then wash it off with clean water. Behind the skin care work can not be less.

Fourth: blind exfoliation

Exfoliating misunderstanding: exfoliating frequency is too high, do not understand their own skin, blind use of exfoliating products.

The stratum corneum is the outermost protective film of our skin, the appropriate thickness of the stratum corneum can keep the skin from being damaged by external air, and it is easy to make the skin allergic and red if it is too thin. too thick can easily lead to poor absorption of skin care products, dull skin tone and accelerate skin aging.

Many people only know that exfoliating is good for the skin, but they do not know how to blindly exfoliate their skin, which makes the skin cutin thinner and thinner, causing a series of damage to the skin.

Correct approach: dry skin and sensitive skin to do a good job of daily cleaning, there is no need to exfoliate. Oily and oily skin can be exfoliated once in about 10 days. It is healthy to exfoliate neutral skin once a week or so.

There is no matter what the skin, it is best to choose relatively mild and non-irritating exfoliating products, so it is not easy to cause harm to the skin.


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