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A Beginners Guide to Get Tanning Injections in Australia

by Melanotan Aus about a year ago in body
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Tanned skin looks beautiful! Having a good tan can make your appearance flawless, that’s why tanning is admired in many western countries, including Australia.

Tanned skin looks beautiful! Having a good tan can make your appearance flawless, that’s why tanning is admired in many western countries, including Australia.

Who does not want that gorgeous golden-bronzy glowing skin?

Everybody appreciates it! But, the days of sitting under the sun for getting tanned look are gone.

Overexposure of skin to direct sun can be dangerous to the skin. It can damage the skin and increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

Tanning injections in Australia are an effective way to complete the tanning process. Methods, such as Melanotan, have gained a lot of traction in the last few years. You can easily find products online that claim to offer good results.

Now, you must be thinking that whether tan injections are legal in Australia?

The answer is – Yes! Tanning injections are completely safe and legal to use in Australia.

Top Tanning Injections Types

There are mainly two types of tanning injections. One is Melanotan 1, and the other is known as Melanotan 2.

Skin Tanning Functions This Way

Skin cells produce a pigment in the top layer of skin called melanin. This specific compound gives the skin natural color. However, there is a bounty of ways in the market to get your body tanned.

The range of tanning products available in the market is bronzers, tan accelerators, spray, & pills. One of the methods is tanning injections. In this post, you will learn all about tanning injections, their work, and their benefits.

Melanin/Tanning Injections

Melanotan that is injected through a needle on the skin is a synthetic hormone to stimulate the pigment cells in the body. The cells, later on, produce melanin which in turn provides you a tan.

How do Tanning Injections Work?

Both Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 work by replicating alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormones. This hormone is fundamental for its wide capacity to bind to melanocortin receptors.

Simply the production of melanin pigment within the skin tissues matters. As the levels of melanin rises, your skin begins to slowly turn darker. The prime difference between the two is that Melanotan 1 lasts longer, and Melanotan 2 is able to connect to more receptors.

How to Begin Treatment with Skin Tanning Injections?

If you are going to begin with the skin tan treatment using injections, you need to know some important facts.

Consult with the doctor before starting the procedure; it’s good to start with the right advice.

Start with a smaller dosage and increase it gradually depending upon your body needs. One thing that you must keep in mind is that people with lighter skin need a higher quantity of the substance. Melanotan tanning injections are commonly a type of hormonal therapy, so; don’t expect that it will create results overnight.

Advantages of using Tanning injections

1. You get a natural-looking tan.

2. Protects you from harmful UV rays.

3. Quick results and long-term outcome.

4. Reduces your risk of skin cancer.

5. Long-lasting effects & you get a deeper tan.

6. Easily accessible and convenient to use.

7. It also helps you lose weight.

8. No serious side effects.

Are Tanning Injections Safe to Use?

Clinical trials of the safety and effectiveness of Melanotan injections are regularly going on. Approved by various medical agencies, tanning injections are entirely safe to use on the body. Now even they have become legal in Australia. Studies prove that tan injections have no additional risk to the body in any manner. This means that its long-term efficacy and safety are popularly known across the globe.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that tanning injections in Australia are completely safe and legal to use. Using tan injections gives greatest benefits to your body; some of them are already discussed above. So, if you are thinking of getting your body naturally tanned, don’t think much.

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