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6 Ways to Love on Your Weaves & Extensions

by Mary Adeola Scott 6 months ago in hair

It's your hair... Love it already!

6 Ways to Love on Your Weaves & Extensions
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love good-looking, tangle-free, lustrous hair? Absolutely no one!

Every woman loves her hair looking fabulous, and I’m certain that even our men would love that too. Weaves and wigs are the in-thing, but maintaining them can be a hassle for people like myself.

Truth is, when I began wearing weaves, I did not have the tiniest idea as to how to take proper care of them. You can already guess how my weaves ended—spongy, tacky, and ugly, to say the least. I have since learned, and that’s why I’m here to help you avoid the mistakes that I made. Ready to discover how to care for your extensions? Keep reading!

1. Wash Your Weaves & Extensions

Let’s imagine you never wash your actual hair—what would it look like? I think this is the very first way to care for your weaves. Wash and condition your extensions, especially the human hair versions every one to two weeks to get rid of all styling products that may have been used on them, as well as to keep them looking shiny. If you have synthetic extensions, wash only when they are dirty. For both types of extensions; i.e., both human hair and synthetic extensions, ensure you wash with lukewarm water, gentle shampoo, and conditioner. Avoid using extremely hot or cold water to wash your weaves as this may damage them. Care for your weaves like you would care for your natural hair.

By Paul Siewert on Unsplash

2. Comb and Detangle

Combing and detangling your weaves will help ensure that they remain as smooth, flawless, and tangle-free as possible. It is however important that you employ the right combing technique. Do not rip your comb through the weaves or extensions. If you do so, you’ll end up yanking the weave out. Rather, begin combing and detangling from the bottom up, and preferably when the hair is wet.

3. Drying

Besides washing, combing, and detangling, you need to dry your hair out completely. Do this by using a hairdryer to blow-dry the weave. Alternatively, you can air your weaves and extensions in the sun until they’re completely dry. Do this to prevent your weaves from retaining moisture. This is because moisture in your weaves can cause them to smell. Hence, it is important that your weaves are thoroughly dried.

By Adrian Fernández on Unsplash

4. Sleep with Your Weave On...NOT!

Do not destroy your extensions by sleeping with them on. Whenever you have extensions on your head, it is important that you do your best to avoid friction. If you want to go to bed, or take a nap, wrap your extensions in a silk scarf or bonnet. You can also use a satin pillowcase when going to bed. Both silk and satin help prevent friction and rubbing against your hair.

5. Avoid Using Too Many Products

Less is usually more in haircare. In many cases, and usually when it has to do with your hair, weaves and extensions, more does not necessarily mean better. Your products are good if you know how to use them properly. If you happen to have straight, silky, or non-synthetic extensions, it’s only wise that you do not use too many products. This is because the extension is already straight. More often than not, straight extensions usually stay good. All you need to keep them in good condition are dry shampoo, shine spray, and a heat protectant. In addition, dry shampoos should be used rather sparingly. To keep your hair sleek, make use of a hair defrizzer and a paddle brush.

By Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

6. Skip the Curl Cream, Please

For your extensions, it is advisable to avoid curl creams. Leave the creamy textured definers where your extensions are concerned. You can use them for your natural hair and your twists-outs, but they should be completely avoided for weaves. Unlike your natural hair, curl creams cannot penetrate your extensions. Rather than curl your weave as you desire, the hair might begin to fall off and the curls might appear confused. On the other hand, mousses and gels will coat the hair shaft and sync the strands for an easily-defined curl pattern.

Now that you know—assuming you haven’t conveniently ignored tons of articles like this already—you can begin to take care of your extensions! Apply the above, and watch your extensions become as good as new.


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