5 Unique Tricks for Your Unique Hair

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Be confident with your beautiful hair.

5 Unique Tricks for Your Unique Hair

Odds are, if you’re looking for ways to get stronger, shinier hair, you’re going to get the same combination of advertisements, and the same old same old advice about boar bristle brushes and satin pillowcases. And certainly there is merit to that advice, but here are a few tricks and tips that you may not have heard before.

Know Your Hair

Different people have different needs, and so do different hair types. Whether you're using a particular brand of shampoo and conditioner, or making your own hair care products with aloe vera and coconut oil for hair strength and shine, you're going to tailor your approach to your particular type of hair. Don’t fall for one size fits all hair solutions, even hairbrushes change from hair type to hair type. If you have very fine, curly hair, you’re going to need a different regimen than someone with very thick, straight hair. Try out different tricks and see what works. When someone says that your hair's on point, try to remember what you did that morning to create that enviable look.

Caution: Wet Hair

There are a lot of myths about washing your hair. Washing too much or too little can be bad for it. There is an old wives’ tale about washing with cold water instead of hot water. And while some of those stories are made up, they don’t exist for no reason. As a general rule, hair is vulnerable when wet, so take extra care while washing and drying your hair to prevent damage, and enhance its strength and shine. Pat dry instead of scrubbing dry to prevent breakages. Depending on your hair type, you might even want to consider a special microfiber towel. The rule about knowing your particular hair type still applies—the products that are going to be essential for someone with curls might do nothing at all for someone with ramrod straight hair.

Keep Up the Cut

Whether you’re keeping your high and tight, or trimming the split ends off your waist-length hair, cutting your hair is an essential part of maintaining strong and shiny hair. How you maintain your cut is going to be determined by how fast your hair grows, how prone it is to getting split ends, and how often you blow dry or straighten or curl your hair. It’s also going to be affected by what kind of products you use, and even what you eat.

Watch What You Eat

Diet affects many different aspects of your health, and your hair is no exception. Foods heavy in protein, like nuts, can make your hair stronger. Foods like salmon and other oily fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids can make hair fuller and shinier. Eggs, in addition to being rich in protein, have biotin in them, which can make hair shinier and healthier. Across the board, better nutrition leads to better hair, so it’s worth paying attention to your diet, and making sure that you’re eating right.

Don't Overdo It

Whether you’re applying product or straightening your curls, moderation is an essential part of keeping your hair healthy. Overdoing it with chemicals can strip your hair, and applying too much heat can cause irreparable damage, whether you’re curling or straightening. Teasing might give your hair volume in the short term, but long term it can weaken your hair. Even something as simple as shampooing and conditioning needs to be done in moderation. Too much washing can strip your hair of protective layers and cause it to lose shine.

In the end, no one knows your hair better than you do. The specific combination of hair tricks that work for one person might not work for you, or there might be a more effective regimen than the one you’re currently using. Explore unique hair health tips for your unique hair type, and make your hair the strongest, shiniest, and the best it can be.

Mia Morales
Mia Morales
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