40 Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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40 Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

When you are at the ripe age of 50, you have to look after your hair if you want to hold on to the youthful look that you cherish so much. The other thing that you have to focus on is the type of styling you choose to wear. The way we style our hair determines how old we introduce ourselves to the world. You have to start considering cutting your hair in a suitable style that makes you look modern and prominent. Its also a great idea to pick shorter haircuts because they are easy to manage, and you can hide your age by styling your hair in the modern short style. With that said, here is a list of 40 Cute & Youthful Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50.

1. The Pixie

One of the most sought after and classic short hairstyles for women over 50. This haircut sets an outline for you, which means it highlights your best facial features. These hairstyles are low-maintenance compared to some other hairstyles, you can just wash and go, even style it with pomade. But you want to trim it occasionally.

2. The Pixie With Long Bangs

This is a sleeker version of the pixie cut, with the long, side-swept bangs. This goes great especially if you have finer hair because the bulk of hair towards the front grabs people's attention.

3. The Wavy Pixie

Pixies look voluminous if you have naturally textured, or wavy to curly hair. Cutting curly hair can also lessen the weight of the hair and make it more manageable. If you want to make your curls more bouncy, you can slightly bend the bangs for extra dimension.

4. The Short, Subtle Layered Cut

The Subtle layers are a great solution for plain hair, it adds dimension to the short haircut. The hairstyles are easy to achieve, varying layers add beautiful textures while the bangs frame the eyes and accentuate facial features.

5. The Pixie With Blunt Bangs

Blunt fringes open up your face, and if you go with a little hair tucked behind the ears, you can achieve a youthful vibe, regardless of how old you are.

6. The Long Pixie

If your thin hair falls flat, the long layered tresses add volume. You can even add highlights to create an illusion of volume. The color can even work to plump up your hair. For an elegant glamorous look, add some waves.

7. The Pompadour

Very flexible and low maintenance hairstyles. It’s a great way to tame thick straight hair, you either style it sleek back or blow-dry forward for a more voluminous pompadour.

8. The Undercut

One of the more edgy hairstyles from the list, the undercut-pompadour combo gives the classic pompadour a modern twist. Like the pompadour, it is relatively low-maintenance and an easy-style, great for keeping it casual.

9. The Layered Side Part Bob

The side part gives a fine balance between the open side and the somewhat concealed side of the face. On the other hand, layers upon layers give your bob bounce and volume. You can choose to add highlights for dimensions or just go with a single tone.

10. The Mermaid Bob

The mermaid bob works great with short hair as it does with a long one. You can create waves to enhance the once you already have and top it up with a shine spray for your hair to look vibrant.

11. The Piecey Bob

The piecey bob is one of those haircuts we usually relate with a cool girl look. The secret is that the volume is maintained at the root. Finish it off by rubbing a styling cream on the mid-section of the hair and style downward.

12. The Straight Bob

A straight bob is one of those timeless haircuts. You can apply some hair volumizing products on damp hair and then go ahead to blow dry with a round brush, this way you can achieve both volume and straight bob.

13. The High-Volume, Wavy Bob

This is a bob you can pull off if you have thick short hair. The waves perfectly frame the face while the short length subtly reveals your neck, which gives you both an elegant and a mature look.

14. The Long Bob

A great option for women prefers easy-to-maintain longer hair that is flexible enough to achieve a different style. This can be done with a sleek or puffed hair.

15. The Straight Lob

A chic hairstyle perfect for women above 50. For this style, Keep your bangs the same length as the rest of the hair, and go with tucking one side behind the ear, which will add a playful element.

16. The Puffed Up Lob

The voluminous, puffed up lob is a head-turner. Just let your hair air dry slightly, then round brush straight with the help of a blow-dryer.

17. The Shoulder-Length Wave

This hairstyle is a love child between sophisticated and chic. The middle-parted, shoulder-length wavy hair can be styled with a large barrel curling iron, followed by brushing gently to achieve a subtle curve.

18. The Volumized Shoulder-Length Cut

The great thing about shoulder-length cuts is that they can be volumized with a simple blowout. Once you blow out your hair, the looks you can pull off are endless. A middle part would give you a symmetrical look while a side part will complement your square face.

19. The Curly, Shoulder-Length Cut

Shoulder-length curly hairstyle is one of those hairstyles that goes great with anybody. Just start curling at the root and move up. You can alternate curling big and small sections of hair.

20. The Soft, Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

This look looks both youthful and graceful at the same time. Even if you don't have natural waves to work with, use large curling irons to get the waves.

21. The Shoulder-Length Low lights

Use a large curling iron or use a blow dryer and a brush to achieve a gentle curve-in towards the tips. Combining the medium length and the low lights offer a dimension.

22. The Short Cut With Choppy Layers

This might be the best bold cut for women who are 50, 60, or even 70. The sole definition of volume and movement. You can opt for milder colors or if you want to spice things up, colors your tips red.

23. The Messy Crop Cut

This undone hair cut gives you a controlled messy look, the right amount of messy. You can choose to apply some texture enhancing products to add bounce to your bangs.

24. The Mid-Length Springy Curl

Springy curls are the perfect compliment for mid-lengths if you want a youthful look. You can even add definition to your curls by using a little shine spray.

25. The Messy Curls

Messy curls are usually seen as a little too messy, but with the right styling products and techniques, it is no less than any beautiful style. Get a defining cream that will accentuate the curls and tame the flyaways with a hair spray.

26. The Buzz Cut

The buzz might seem a little daunting for most, but It has every potential to look great. You can never go wrong with a buzz cut. It is arguably the easiest hairstyle to wear, it doesn’t have to be maintained other than the trimming. It makes you look simple, fresh, and polished.

27. The Natural Afro

If you are planning to go with your natural curls, the natural afro is a hairstyle you want. You can make the best of it by fluffing up each layer using a volume mist.

28. The Wavy, Shoulder-Length Cut

Keep your hair one tone or you some highlights if you are looking for a multi-dimensional look. This is among the simplest, easy to achieve styles that make anybody look laid back.

29. The Sassy, Shaggy Bob

Messy and chic would be the best way to describe this hairstyle. The thing is you can achieve a shaggy hair on straight, wavy, or curly hair, and even on different hair lengths. It’s low maintenance and it gives you a youthful, laid back appearance.

30. The Shoulder-Length High-Volume Waves

We can all agree that long voluminous waves look glamorous. You can get it, you just have to add volume at the ends by blow-drying and using a round brush or just by using wavy hair extensions. You can finish it off with a large barrel curling iron.

31. The Split Bang Lob

Lobs are great even on their own, but if you want to try something new with the lob, you can try the split bang lob. Split bang is just a lob with the bangs parted from the middle. It's a fun way to switch up the style. Use a lightweight mousse if your split doesn’t stay in place.

32. Highlighted Short Spiked Hair

This could be a fun style to try if you are not afraid to experiment with your hair even at the age of 50 and 60 even. This style is sure to make your appearance loud. The spiky hair with the colored stripes will make you look exceptional in a crowd.

33. Sleek Bob

If you want to look young and smart at a ripe age like 50, try the sleek bob. The bob goes up to your shoulder. This hair gives your face around look and makes you look elegant. The cherry on the top is the side-parted longer hair in the front of the forehead, which leaves your face looking stunning.

34. Messy Layered Pixie

The pixie and the layer is a combination that leaves a messy look on your face. The uneven edges can make you appear smart, and when placed or styled well, it can make your appearance classy at the same time.

35. Layered Hairstyle with Waves

A very unique and gorgeous combination, the layer and the waves complement each other perfectly. The wavy hair can be cut into layers to look stunning. The messy look comes from the shorter layers on the front side and longer layers on the back of your head.

36. Short Razor Haircut

Short length razor haircuts and women who are over 40 years old are meant for each other almost. This haircut portrays a bold and prominent appearance in the crowd. This haircut is suitable for any hair color. Cut your front side hair to about your eye. The prominence of your face comes from the sharp edges of the hair.

37. Grown Out Pixie

Pixie hairstyle is great on round face shapes. You can look stunning with this cute and combined do. You can even try side-parting to achieve a smart and bold look at gatherings. The longer hair on the forehead can make you look cool, and then this hair cut is easy to manage.

38. Sleek Pixie Haircut

If you are above the age of 50, the sleek pixie is the hairdo you have to try out if you have straight and short hair. The hairstyles give you a smart and collective look. Cutting your hair short always cuts a few years off your face, making you appear younger.

39. Modern Shag

Undoubtedly one of the most appealing hairstyles for middle-aged women. For this, you have to cut the hair with sharp edges, keep your hair cut up to your shoulder. The exterior edges of the hair give your hair the right amount of messy.

40. Straight Sleek Bob

For the straight sleek bob, your hair is cut up to your shoulder with sharp edges. Just part the hair on one side to achieve a modern and gorgeous look even at the mature age over 50.

Try out any hairstyle from the list to make yourself look, and more importantly feel youthful.

Amy Santiago
Amy Santiago
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