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4 Ways to Create a More Beautiful Mouth

by Dennis McKonkie 2 years ago in face
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Improve yourself with these simple tips

 4 Ways to Create a More Beautiful Mouth
Photo by Jake Peterson on Unsplash

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression. While that's extremely fast, and people are susceptible to unfair assumptions, it still happens. Your mouth is one of the first things people see, and it's one of the things that reveals a number of things about you: how approachable you are, your perceived age and how trustworthy you are to name a few. However, any improvement you do should be solely for you. Consider these tips to create a more beautiful mouth.


There are a number of reasons to smile if not for anything else then to boost your mood. Your brain doesn't know the difference between a genuine smile and a fake one. Every time you smile, you produce endorphins and serotonin that make you feel good. Beyond how smiling makes you feel, smiling has a number of positive effects on your appearance. It has been shown that people who smile are more likely to be promoted in the workplace. Also, people generally consider you more trustworthy, friendly and approachable when you smile. You are perceived as having higher self-esteem because you appear to be happier.

White Teeth

If your teeth are discolored, it can add up to 10 years on your appearance because teeth yellow as people age. Interestingly, whitening teeth takes off 10 years from a person's appearance. If you've noticed that your teeth have yellowed, you might just need teeth cleaning. Visiting the dentist twice a year is a good way to keep your teeth white because tartar is yellow. You can't reasonably whiten your teeth while they're covered in plaque. Once you get your regular teeth cleanings, there are a variety of methods to whiten your teeth. There are natural remedies like baking soda, peroxide and strawberries. You can get your teeth professionally whitened, which is a good option considering you might be at risk for enamel damage if you're inexperienced with whitening. You can also buy teeth whitening products from the store, but keep in mind that most people damage their teeth by leaving whiteners on too long.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is actually semi-permanent, but it does last a considerable amount of time. If you like the lipstick or made-up look but don't like taking time to do it or maintain it, you might consider getting permanent lip color, which can last anywhere between two and ten years. It depends on the color of pigment you get and how often you eat, drink and exfoliate. If you choose a pigment that's close to your natural lip color, it will fade faster than a color that is darker. You might also want to ask a local lash technician about options for eyelash extension adhesive so you can have eyelashes that will stand out.

Facial Exercises

You know that exercising your body is good for muscle town, but if you want to have a more youthful appearance, you can use facial exercises in place of more expensive rejuvenating procedures to build and tighten muscles. It's good to smile, but to tighten up your face and get rid of smile lines, puff up your cheeks with air and alternate between your cheeks as if you were swishing air in your mouth. You can also practice smiling, which is helpful for building up your cheek muscles. Create a wide smile and focus on using your muscles around your cheekbones. Hold it up to five seconds and release. This helps to tighten up the skin around your mouth and cheeks.

If nothing else, just enjoy life. See the beauty that is around you and within you. Appreciate that because when you do, you will naturally smile and stress will disappear from your mind, body and face. This is the real reason we smile.


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